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Bhagwan Das asks him who the so called enemy is! Pratap takes Akbar’s same. Bhagwan Das tells him to think through before talking anything about his relative. Pratap knows it that his sister Dheer Bai has married Akbar and respects the fact too but this doesn’t change the bigger truth. So many women became widows because of that cruel Mughal’s army. Kalyan Singh calls it an impossible mission. More women can become widows if we accept this foolish decision. Rai Singh suggests him to listen to Pratap once. CK is impressed to see Rai Singh talking nicely. Ajabde looks at her in confusion / surprise. Kalyan Singh ji tells his son to be quiet. He turns to Pratap. Your blood has started boiling once again in your father’s absence. Pratap replies that he takes no decision without consulting

his father. The past doesn’t let me sit in peace. I wont be calm till the time I throw my enemy out of my state. Bhagwan Das remarks that he dint accept Akbar’s decision which is why he lost everything. You dint take a lesson from past so past will continue repeating. Pratap points out that He (Akbar) had come there from Agra. I dint invite him or challenge him for a war. I will not think before fighting for keeping my motherland safe as that is what we have lived for since forever. I wont sit peacefully till I send that enemy back from my motherland. What you think is your point of view but I cannot do any deal of my motherland! We will have to give a fitting reply to our enemy so our future generations are able to live freely. DB is tensed thinking what if it has a negative effect on any of the guests. JB tells her to let it be as it is necessary.

Bhagwan Das thinks that if they take up Pratap’s proposal then they will have to come under Pratap. Is it similar to what Akbar has done? Kalyan Singh affirms it. Chandrasen asks him why they only should follow him. He will become the main rep of entire Rapjutana! Pratap declines having any personal motive in this proposal. I only want to unite the entire Rajputana to free our India. I am not pressurizing anyone and neither do I want to. If we join hands then no one will be under anyone. we will all be free and independent. My proposal is different from Akbar’s. We will be coming together to fulfil one particular mission. There will be no one leader but we all will be leaders in our way. It is up to all of you now whether you want to be under someone or run your states on your own! Raimal hints that Pratap has indirectly called everyone Akbar’s servant. Pratap asks him to speak up clearly.

Bhagwan Das says I don’t like your proposal. I have no problem in being under Akbar. I think everyone else here will too have no problem. Rani Durgawati and Chandrasen oppose him. Chandrasen clearly tells him that Akbar wont do anything against him till the time he is simply following what Akbar is telling him to do. The day you stop doing so you will be finished. Bhagwan Das gets angry. He speaks against Chandrasen. You spent your life following Pratap but couldn’t achieve anything. Chandrasen and Bhagwan Das both take out their swords angrily. Pratap tells them to stop. He requests Chandrasen to keep his sword back in its sheath. It is my father’s court. He hasn’t given me any permission to turn his court into a warzone. Bhagwan Das blames him instead. A tiger never attacks in a group. We are Rajput lions. You should stop dreaming of bringing all of us together. You will waste your time by doing all this. Pratap yet again requests Chandrasen to do so but Chandrasen clearly tells him against it. I came here on yoru request but don’t think of me to be your servant.

Raimal signals Jagmal who takes out his sword then. I wont spare anyone who utters another word against Dada bhai. JB finds it weird. Jagmal yet again tries to move forward but Pratap stops him. Chandrasen tells Pratap that he is using his younger brother to talk against them. Raimal stops Jagmal from going out of his cue. Pratap tries to talk to Chandrasen but he is in no mood to listen to anything. Now you and I will fight! You have organized a friendly competition. It wont be that friendly now though. I challenge you to fight with me. If I lose then I will stay with Pratap for life under his guidance. If I win then everything will happen as per my wish. Pratap points out that they have united to talk about the unity of Rajputana. From where did this competition come? Raimal insists upon having this competition. It will give time to people to think. Chandrasen asks Pratap again if he is ready. It will be for the unity of Rajputana once again. Pratap looks up at his Rani Ma. She nods back at him. Pratap accepts the challenge. Jagmal and Raimal signal to each other. Jagmal cheers for his Dada bhai.

Jagmal cannot understand what his uncle is thinking. It is a well known fact that no one can match Dada bhai in such competitions. You have served Dada bhai everything in a plate. Raimal tells Jagmal that Pratap has lost his name after losing to Akbar. How will he face everyone if he loses to Chandrasen too? Jagmal knows that Dada bhai wont lose. Raimal advises him to make sure Chandrasen wins at any cost. It will be Pratap’s loss and your gain. Jagmal understands the logic behind his words.

Precap: Jagmal says Chandrasen can fight the spear competition and shooting competition against Dada bhai but what about horse riding competition? Dada bhai has something that Chandrasen doesn’t have – Chetak! Raimal hints getting Chetak out of their way.

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