Maharana Pratap 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with BK is with Rao sultanji at Boondi , Bk says that since we are going to be friends and working together so let me tell you the rules of Mughals , Rao says I know Mughals very well , they never go against their words , BK says then you should sign in this friendship deed Rao signs some paper , BK says now let me explain you the work you need to do for us , BK says now listen to me carefully ,I want pratap son of Rana udaysingh i heard that he is leaving some where like a common people ,you have to bring Pratap to us , Rao asks why would he come to Boondi ? because Boondi and Mewar don’t have very friendly relationship , BK says everyone knows that maharani Jaiwanta bai is devoted wife who would do anything for her husband, Durga asthimi is near ladies do puja

on this day for their husband’s long life .. they discuss how they can bring both Pratap and his mom to boondi . They decide that they will invite all Rajputan to attend duga asthami puja at Boondi , He should send messenger with this invitation to Mewar ..

A messenger goes to Mewar and gives invitation to the people that they can attend durga asthmi puja in Boondi , Rani maa (Jaivantabai ) tells Rajputani ladies that she is happy that they are going to Boonidi for Durga asthami , They say why isn’t she coming with them , Rani maa says she doesn’t want to create any problem for Ranaji as you all know the kind of bad relationship these two kingdom have , They say we will hide your identity no would recognize you , you would be dressed like a commoner and no one would be able to identify you …

Pratap is with some boys they asks why didn’t he come out of his house since last four days ,how can you do this lets go for shikar ,he says i am not interested and remembers what his maa told him not to touch any weapon , His friends teases him that after killing a ferocious tiger he is not interested in Shikar ..Pratap says take one their friend who is from Boondi , they say his is not here his father has been arrested by King .Rani maa comes and tells Pratap that she is planning is going to Boondi for durga asthami ,Pratap reminds her Mewar’s relationship with Boondi and how its not a good idea to visit Boondi she convinces him saying that they will go as common man no one would be able to identify them ,

Pratap with Rani maa are going to Boondi they comes to know about what is prohibited in Boondi , Rani tells pratap to fallow that , They reach Boondi and there the guards check name and details of every visitors , Guard checks the papers and is about to do the through check of the cart pratap is his mother , A man comes and says they are simple people they have to come to do puja he should let them go …they go inside the town ..

There Jalal is eagerly waiting to know whether they could trap Pratap in Boondi or not and he is busy playing with a mouse, he traps the mouse and feels happy ..MA asks him about Pratap he tells her that he is eagerly waiting to get the news from boondi ..

At Boondi King is eagerly waiting to trap Pratap .. Pratap is happy seeing all Rajputani happy and celebrating ..he tells his Rani maa that he wishes that there would not no boundaries and all can move freely in Rajputana … A lady overhears that and asks is she from a Rajvanshi Rani maa lies , Rani maa asks Pratap to go and have fun with his friends he may find his friend from Boondi , Pratap sees people are harassed for tax ..Boondi king is happy that pratap might get trapped by his men …

Pratap is going a lady thinks that its her son so she stops her and tells him that she is worried for her son , Pratap tells her her must be big and responsible she should not worry so much for him like his mother also does the same that time some soilgers came running after a boy how is holding something in his hands , he hides behind a tree and which is very close to pratap the boondi king comes there and asks Pratap that where is the that boy who has stolen money form school , Pratap says she doesn’t know , Rani maa is also there seem lil worried , Boondi king asks pratap to bow down as no one speaks to king like that ..

precap : Booni Kind is angry that pratap knew and helped the boy to escape with the stolen money

Update Credit to: cheena007

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