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Pratap looks at MK. Now I will give you such a death that everyone will get scared. He is about to attack MK when they hear some sounds. Pratap notices more Mughal soldiers coming in. The Rajputs get ready to fight again. MK just watches it from a distance. Pratap’s commander says we wont be able to face the Mughals for long. Our plan failed. MK is confused seeing the soldiers. Bailol Khan says this was Akbar’s plan.

Bhagwan Das greets Akbar. You chose the right decision. I am going to be the most powerful ruler here. Mewar’s are losing. I am a bit disappointed by your son though. He is my most trusted commander. Just teach him something about trust. Bhagwan Das agrees. Till the time you defeat Pratap, I have sent someone to Udaipur to do something unofficially. He was most excited

to take revenge from Chittor – Asif Khan. Akbar smiles.

Asif Khan and his men change their appearance. His men have left some poisonous mice in a few nearby villages. A lot many people’s situation turns critical. Asif Khan says no one will be able to stop us from getting hold of Udaipur. If we succeed then I will face Pratap in the eye. I will tell him how I snatched his Udaipur from him when he was planning to kill me. spread these mice in Udaipur too. Who will Pratap fight for then? I will make Udaipur one big cemetery. He hears the sounds of hoofs. Asif Khan looks through his binoculars. Amar is heading home. Amar thinks of how upset his father was from him. I will soon prove it to you I am not a spoilt kid. I am loyal patriot. I will prove it that I am capable enough to throw away any enemies.

Pratap and his men kill all the Mughal soldiers who come their way. Pratap says I pity you MK. Your Shehanshah used you as bait. You and your soldiers will die today. I wont let my brave soldiers die like that merciless ruler of yours! I have never taken advantage of my men. I am not afraid to die. I wont let the sacrifices of my brave soldiers go waste. My soldiers, my citizens are everything for me. He asks his men to step back. Chetak comes running to his side when Pratap calls out for him. The Rajputs head back. Bailol Khan questions MK. Rana Punja greets Pratap. He is shocked. Why are you here? You should be with your family and Bheels. Rana Punja reasons that he too bore a big loss still he is fighting. Pratap says I am doing it for my people. I had no other option as well. You have made a lot of sacrifices for us till date. I don’t think we will be able ever to pay you back? I politely request you to return to your home. Rana Punja says you call us your friend. There is no favour between friends. We share all the pains of whoever becomes our friend.

Bailol Khan asks MK to take over the enemy. We cannot give him any time. MK is upset. Why was I not told about Shehanshah’s plan? My soldiers died. What kind of a war is this where we don’t worry about our own soldiers? Bailol Khan speaks Akbar’s lines. The lives of a few soldiers don’t matter before Shehanshah’s bigger plan.

Rana Punja refuses to leave his friend’s side at this crucial point of time.

MK says I trained them all personally. They were thinking of going back but I motivated them again. It dint happen right. All my soldiers died. Bailol Khan points out that they won the first round.

Rana Punja reasons that his son and other Bheels’ sacrifice will only gain a true meaning when we will teach a lesson to these Mughals together. pratap does not want to put the lives of other Bheels (women and kids) in risk. Rana Punja says Bheels don’t know what fear is. I request you to come with us. We will make preps against Mughals there. This jungle is our house. Come to our house. Pratap is touched. You gave a very different meaning of friendship today.

Bailol Khan tells MK about the second plan of Akbar. He had ordered me to kill you if you speak negatively. You should decide what you want to do – die or Kill Pratap! MK orders his men to proceed further.

The Rajput soldiers take position atop trees. The Mughal army moves forward towards the jungle. Pratap orders his soldiers to shower arrows of fire on their enemies. MK and Bailol Khan look around in shock as their soldier dies. The place is set ablaze. MK and Bailol Khan hide behind a few stones in a distance. Pratap tells his men to set all the Mughals on fire. I don’t want to see any of them alive.

Akbar gets updated about what happened in the war. MK and Bailol Khan are hiding in the mountains. The soldiers complain about the time they have wasted here. We have lost so many soldiers each day and we are still at the same place. We are left only with less than 1 lac soldiers. Kazi Khan talks positively. Akbar tells him to take as many soldiers as he wants. I want Pratap dead.

Precap: MK and Bailol Khan decide to pull Rana Punja out of his hiding place. He is Pratap’s biggest strength. The Mughals succeed in getting Rana Punja a little away from his safe haven. Pratap is shocked to see the Mughal soldiers hurting Rana Punja.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Don’t distort the names like this…it was Ghazi Khan Badakshi and not Kazi Khan…Two more noted generals, Asaf Khan and Mehtar Khan (both much higher in ranks than Bahlol Khan) have to yet make the appearance in this serial

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