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Maharana Pratap 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap asking Chakrapani not to tell anything in defense of Ajabde. Chakrapani says I m talking in your defense. Pratap asks what do you mean. He asks tell me don’t you have feelings for her, else why did you like her after changing your getup. Pratap raises hand and stops, scolding him. He asks was he not attracted to Ajabde when he met her. Pratap says be in your limits. Chakrapani reminds him how they met and Ajabde convinced him to stay here in Bijolia. He recalls their moments. Pratap thinks of Jaivant Bai leaving the palace because of Ajabde.

Chakrapani asks how can you hate your wife, you have to listen to your heart. Patta is asked when will he tell the truth to Ajabde. Patta says yes, I have to clear it once the fair ends, then I will talk to Pratap.,

Ajabde is very angry and only Pratap can manage it now. Ajabde tells Saubhagvati that she did a mistake by trusting a stranger. Pratap recalls his promise made to Udai Singh and says he is leaving for Chittor now. He leaves asking Chakrapani to come if he wants. Kunwar Jagmal and Dheer Bai get the new message from Dhaman Singh. Jagmal asks him to give the message to Pratap and read the message infront of Bijolia people saying Udai Singh has sent this.

Dhaman Singh reads the message, and Pratap hears it. He says Bijolia has danger with Kunwar Pratap and every village look at Pratap with doubt. This is his imagination and says he understands everything, that he has to get Kunwar Pratap safe. Jagmal slaps the maid and Dheer Bai worries for her fav carpet. Jagmal says if I slapped Dhaman, you would have felt bad, so I have slapped the maid. He says I m not sending Dhaman to get Pratap safe, its just a plan to read this to expose Pratap. He says he will feel you came for his protection and Bijolia people will understand Pratap was cheating him by changing his getup. Dhaman Singh imagines people raging on Pratap.

Pratap leaves on the horse and some people follow him. Patta comes to Ajabde and says do you know what happened. Ajabde says yes, Pratap left. Patta says what about our soldiers now, how will we fight with Afghans now. He says let me explain. Ajabde says no, we can’t think same about him. She says she has made her heart, she will fight with Afghans on her powerhold. Patta says I don’t understand, what happened to you when its about Pratap. She asks what do you want to say. He says I want to tell what happened there. He says it was not Pratap’s mistake, I provoked him to fight with soldiers and show his prowess.

She asks what. He says he was jealous as she made him minister, so he him show it to prove that he deserves the post and he is not one of Afghans. He says there was no blood drop, it was a fight presentation which I never witnessed before. He asks why did she fire him. She thinks how she scolded Pratap and called him a traitor. She says Pratap left and you don’t think he will come back. She asks him to manage the soldiers. They come to know about Mewar soldier troupe coming to them and get ready to fight. Pratap thinks he has to go away from Ajabde and he could not identity Ajabde, he could not keep promise to Jaivant Bai.

Badshah Khan asks Parwat Das to sign him for war and he will attack Pratap. Chetak is tied. Patta stops Dhaman and stops him. Dhaman says he has come to just give message, not harm them. Patta says he can’t expect anything good from them. He says I m ready to welcome you and can test me too. Ajabde says enough now and he reads the message saying Pratap was here and was attacked here during gold auction. Ajabde asks what is he saying. She thinks about Pratap. Ajabde says its not true. Patta asks Dhaman is he saying about Pratap. Dhaman says he is Kunwar Pratap of Mewar. Ajabde is shocked.

Patta argues with Dhaman and they get into a fight. Dhaman says he will go back with Pratap. Pratap talks to the horse. He feeds the horse. He comes to a temple. Ajabde is also at the other temple and says Pratap is my husband. Pratap says Ajabde has troubled my Rani Maa and she went to an ashram. He asks what did Lord give him till now, he could not even keep his promise.

Ajabde cries and her mum consoles her. Patta and Dhaman fight continues. He asks for Pratap. Ajabde comes and stops Patta. She says Pratap came here in changed getup but he is gone. Dhaman sees the villagers coming. She says Bijolia people can kill you all on my one sign, they have fire in heart for Chittor, Pratap and Rajgharana. She asks Dhaman to go silently. Parwat Das questions Ajabde about her wife’s duty, why she gave her army to Pratap, when they are against Bijolia. He questions her for cheating Bijolia.

Ajabde says yes, I did not know he is Kunwar Pratap and its true. She says everyone has doubt now and I request you all to trust me as before. Badshah Khan waits to catch Ajabde and asks his soldiers to kill Bijolia people, making it easy for him to kidnap Bai ji Lal. Chetak gets restless and breaks the ropes. Pratap is still talking to Lord and says he won’t go from temple till he gets his answer. He starts ringing the bell. Wind starts blowing and he covers his eyes. He sees Jaivant Bai and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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