Maharana Pratap 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 17th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts at Haveli, where ajabdehi thinks about her dad’s memory. Dassi comes and ajabdehi ask about her father
and again thinks about father’s wordings. Ajabdehi goes into father’s room but she frighten to take blessings from him.
Mamrat singh says to jalim singh, is this grapes very tasty? Jalim singh says, ya, it is tasty and pack around 50 packet
for us. Because i am on behalf of marwar naresh. As ajabdehi takes blessings, phool kanwar calls mamrat ji. Mamrat ji moves
towards phool kanwar and dont give blessings to ajabdehi. Phool kanwar snizzes and mamrat ji ask, what happen?
Mamrat ji shouts on ajabdehi and says, go and bring phool kanwar in your room. Jalim singh says, now you see the result for
messing with me.

says to his horse, my dear friend, we have to move little bit then we will take rest. Phool kanwar shouts on dassi and
says, get out you all, you all trying to make me ill. Hansa comes and says, i will bring thal for you for removing bad sight.
Pratap reaches at back side of fort and Pratap says, why we will goes in front of fort, instead i can climb on wall of fort.
Phool ask from ajabdehi, what you had mixed in medicine. Phool says, i am sorry for jalim singh and i will tell everything
from our father. Pratap reaches into fort and put his foot in shit.
Hansa ask from ajabdehi, have you met with your father. Now go and make rangoli in gallery, their is some guest coming. Jalal
thinks about phool and calls an artist to make picture of her. Jalal says, if you will made wrong picture then you couldnt
make any picture in your whole life.
Ajabdehi says to her cow, i bring paal for you. Phool comes and ajabdehi says, goes and take rest. Phool says, come with me and
show my dress. Ajabdehi says, i am having so much work likewise done some laxmi work. Phool says, ok you do that work and i will
make rangoli.
Ajabdehi says to laxmi, i have never that type of decent rajkumar in whole life then she washes laxmi but as she tries to put water
on laxmi, water goes on pratap. Ajabdehi says, sorry to pratap. Pratap says, can you tell the way of fort. Ajabdehi point out the finger.
Pratap goes into fort. Jalal tell to artist for painting. Artist show the painting of phool kanwar. Here phool make painting and ask from
dassi, how it looks? Phool says, now you tell this in front of ajabdehi. I am feeling tired. Go and bring some food for me. Here jalal
says, wah…go and cut his both hands so that he couldnt make any painting. Manga comes and says, i have bring out all the information
about this girl. Manga tells about phool kanwar to jalal. Here pratap reaches where phool makes painting. Phool thinks that it is her dassi,
then she ask about color. Pratap gives color. Phool ask about painting. Pratap says, it is worst. Phool and pratap looks each other.
Manga tells that phool is present in bijolia mahal and pratap is also present there. Phool calls to soldier and says, you are thief. Pratap
says, you are doing mistake. Pratap beat soldier. Phool says to pratap, dont come in front of me. Pratap says, do you think that i am moving. Jalal see the photo of phool and manga says, about
pratap and phool. Jalal stops her. Jalal’s mother come and says, what happen. If you want to marry then i will arrange marriage for you. Jalal says,
I want to marry with that girl. Phool run towards mamrat ji then ajabdehi meet her and she says, i want to tell mamrat ji. Pratap ji ask, the way for darbar.
Soldier run at back of pratap. Ajabdehi see pratap. Jalal’s mother says, you are king in hindustan. You cannot behave like childish. Dont you know manga.
Manga says, we will spread our empire by doing marriage. Jalal says, wow ammi, i can follow your instruction. Jalal’s mother says, it is not possible rajputana will
not give it permission. Jalal says, i will go to bijolia and meet with phool kanwar and kill pratap. Hameda says, it is not right. Manga says, dassi, bring hameda begam
to her room. manga ask, why are you going in danger area. I have another idea. We have a very beautiful lady, she will kill pratap. Jalal says, no badi ammi, i will
go to kill pratap.

Precap:- Ajabdehi and pratap look each other and phool reaches there and fall down as she heard about pratap and here jalal practise for war.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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    And yeah,the person has written broken english,but atleast he has tried.Also,it’s not that difficult to comprehend what he means – that’s exaggeration.

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