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Pratap is happy that he was right. The security has tightened. We will not be able to go inside. You all must go back. Patta disagrees. We had come to be with you. Pratap tells him to stay inside the fort. You are more needed there. Jaimal ji says you are equally important to us. Pratap doesn’t want to put his life in risk.

Rawat ji is tensed thinking why he let Pratap leave. He shouldn’t have been there. Others also feel that Rawat ji should have been a little stricter on Pratap. Rawat ji asks them if they all dint try to stop Pratap. I had make preps to even stop that passage with the help of gunpowder but Ajabde came there on that time so I had to let go. Surtan ji tells them all not to blame each other. We should think of what to do first. Rawat ji suggests that they should find

out the truth first.

Akbar’s commanders are sure that Pratap died. Maybe by tomorrow everyone in Chittor will surrender. Akbar feels that ways too. I still need proof.

Rawat ji thinks of the worse. Hope it hasn’t happened. we have to find out the truth and for that we will have to go there. We will find Pratap’s dead body there only. I will go there and wont let that Akbar get hold of Pratap.

Patta reasons that they cannot put his life in risk. We have seen what happened just now. What will I say to Jija? I had promised her to protect you. I have closed all the chapters behind me. I will not leave you. Jaimal ji and Vajra Singh ji too ask for a chance. we will help you if we all stay together. we will teach those Mughals a good lesson. They should realise who they have messed up with! Pratap feels proud. No enemy can step their foot in our motherland till warriors liek you are with us. We will protect our motherland together.

Ajabde had tied a Kuldevi’s chunri to Pratap. Nothing will happen to him or anyone. No one can do anything to whoever is with him till Pratap is there.

One of the soldiers offer to go and check that spot. Akbar tells him to bring Pratap’s dead body. I will give you anything that you name. Kalla thinks that it is impossible for people like him to kill or even touch Pratap. It is your last night tonight.

Rawat ji tells Kripa Shankar (their soldier) to bring the dead bodies of their people. You are going to do a very big task. Be careful / alert. Kripa Shankar nods and leaves.

Pratap tells everyone to be alert. Mughals have seen us. They will keep an eye on us. They hide as their hear some noise. A Mughal soldier comes there. Patta readies his bow but Pratap stops him. he is far. A little while later, Pratap shoots his dagger and the soldier dies. He was sent by the Mughals to find out if I am alive or not. the security has been heightened.

Akbar returns to his tent. His inner soul mocks at him. Akbar is irked but refuses to give up. I will not accept defeat. His inner soul disagrees. Your good days have begun. Akbar thinks about the dead body. Why dint we find it!

Kripa Shankar reaches the spot where the cannon was fired.

Akbar’s inner soul is sure that Pratap has died in that attack. You have fulfilled your mission. You don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Sleep peacefully. You will be the Shehanshah tomorrow. Akbar repeats it – Pratap is dead. Kalla observes him from his place (where the fan’s handle is tied).

Pratap, Jaimal ji, Patta and Vajra Singh enter inside the Mughal tents. They head in different directions. A soldier notices him and he attacks Pratap.

Kripa Shankar finds the Kuldevi’s chunri. Does it belong to Pratap?

All the men come to the puja room. Ajabde is praying. She asks Rawat ji what it is. He shows her the Kuldevi chunri. His hands are shaking. She recognizes it immediately. This is Pratap’s. Rawat ji is in tears. Everyone is over. Surtan ji remarks that the time for Saka and Jauhar has come. Rawat ji announces that they will attack Mughals in the morning itself. Ajabde refuses to accept it that anything has happened to Pratap. There is no mark on this chunri. It is a signal from the Lord. He must be killing his enemies at this very moment.

Ajabde points out at the Diya in the temple. It’s all perfect which means that Pratap is perfectly fine. Rawat ji advises her not to overlook the truth.

Kalla decides to attack on Akbar at this moment only. I will have to do it all of a sudden. He ties the end of the rope of the fan to a tree so it keeps on swinging and Akbar doesn’t wake up. Enjoy this for the last time. This is your moment.

One of the commanders find the wounded soldier. He orders the other soldiers to find uot whoever has entered in their tents.

Kalla advances towards Akbar with his dagger in his hand when someone stops him. A soldier notices Pratap. Pratap kills the soldier but more soldiers / the same commander notice him.

Precap: The commander orders his soldiers to arrest Pratap. Maybe you are the same one who we are looking for. Pratap replies that he is the son of the very motherland where they are standing. Kalla attacks Akbar. Akbar opens his eyes. Pratap tells everyone to leave for the fort right away. Kalla and everyone nods.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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