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Maharana Pratap 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pratap says, if bahram khan trying to trap us then he make security more secure. Rawal ji says, if it is more dangerous then i will not allowed you. Haji khan says, there is another way to get enter into the room. One window present in deewan-a-khas and i also see the parties in it in my childhood days. Rawal ji says, i will go first then everybody will come later. Pratap then says, no rawal ji, i will go first.
Bahram khan says, if pratap will reach in this room then he will not find jalal and then nargis will give me information and i will send soldiers for pratap.
Uday singh ji and mamrat ji reaches into tunnel and found that pratap and his friends were present into the tunnel and he gets angry and says, i always known for my obedience but my son dont obey my rules. uday singh ji says to mamrat ji, stay here and come with mewari soldiers. Mamrat ji says, i am also from mewar land and i will not let you go alone. uday singh ji then calls mamrat ji as family member and hugs mamrat ji.
Haji khan says to pratap, tries to kill jalal from your arrow at far distance. Pratap says, i will kill jalal from face to face.
Jalal gets dressed up then his soldier taunts on him and jalal gets angry.
Bahram khan plans for security in fort. Jalal reaches deewan-a-khas and ask about mirror then soldier says, we have to set this because nargis will see you everywhere. Jalal says, wah!!!now nobody will kill due to these mirrors. Jalal ask about nargis. Pratap gets enter into room. Jalal says to soldier, what will i do, if someone does same kind of hilarious activity do that i done with pratap? I will kill that person. Even if some many people can give security
Dont know if he is present there. Jalal then thinks about previous conversation. Yeah!!!! he came here. Soldier says, pratap is so far from you but nargis is very near to you. Nargis gets entered into the room. Nargis perform dance in front of jalal. Here pratap kills so many soldiers of jalal.
Pratap reaches at deewan-a-khas where jalal is enjoying dance. Jalal see pratap.

Precap:- JB says to DB, ajab is perfect bride for pratap then DB taunts to JB and here bahram and his troop traps pratap and pratap gets injured by bahram khan.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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