Maharana Pratap 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 17th July 2013 Written Update

Bhatiyani offers medicine to her servant Koikoiya ji who is overwhelmed. The queen mentions this as a gesture of her good faith in being stopped from doing something drastic to harm herself and the child.

Udai is enjoying playing the game of catch me if you can blindfolded with Pratap and his chief queen .Jayvanta is very happy .One can see the eyes that almost turn moist to see such a moment of having her husband and son together with her . The news reaches Bhatiyani that Udai had reached Jayvanta’s chambers instead of hers. She rushes there in anger and Udai catches her thinking it to be Jayvanta bai. Bhatiyani expresses her hurt with tears and few words at being passed over for a visit by the king. The king doesnot want to upset his dearest wife and is mentions he can undergo

any punishment for this . He is about to leave with her inspite of Pratap’s request not to leave the game unfinished.

As they are about to leave a colony of dead ants near the spilled thandai is noticed by Pratap. Bhatiyani tries her best to cover up the issue by scolding the servants of not managing the affairs pf keeping the queen’s chamber clean.. But Udai and Jayvanta bai understand that the issue is much deper. Pratap’s mother correctly assumes that poison had been mixed with the drink as she reflects daija’s words to her…

On being questioned by the king Kokoiya mentions that she had mixed with pudina some poisonous leaves in the drink. Udai si furious as the dictat of tasting a meal by someone before it reaches pratap was not followed. To this jayvanta informs the practice is followed when Pratap is outside the palace but not inside.. She mentions that henceforth this issue too will be handled.

Udai wants to punish kokoiya but Pratap pleads in her defense stating she had stopped him from partaking the drink once she had learnt of her mistake. And the law of Mewar punishes the guilty not innocents who rectify their mistake in time moreover he doesnot want Bhatiyani to loose her trusted aide in her pregnant condition.

Udai agrees to forgive Kokiyaji on Pratap’s request this time. Bhatiyani wants to punish Kokoyiya by making her pratap’s taster but Jayvanta disagrees and appoints herself to the job.

Bhatiyani shows her fake concern for Pratap. Jayvanta orders him to go to bed. A fleeting silent face off between Jayvanta bai and Bhatiyani occurs( looks like she suspects Bhatiyani ‘s involvement).

Jayvanta wants Pratap to sleep in her room which has Lord Krishna’s statue to have his protection. She warns Pratap to always take care of himself before embarking caring for his nation. SHe also tells him that he should protect himself from his enemy and remember at times an enemy comes in the disguise of a friend.

Pratap is unable to understand the reason of his mother’s teachings but listens to them attentively while assuring he will be fine.

Daiji informs Jayvanta of not finding any poisonous tree in the vicinity of the palace.

Bhatiyani is furious at Udai’s declaration of Praap being the future of Mewar. She forbids kokoyi from praising the boy and tells her to always do her bidding or else she will be in trouble.
Kokoyi informs her of jayvanta’s suspicion about her. Bhatiyani promises to be extra sweet in being the well wisher of Pratap so that Jayvanta cannot think of her as the perpetrator. SHe proudly proclaims herself to be the one who changes her face according to the circumstances but not her motive, her habits or her dreams.

Udai and Rawat are practicing swordsmanship being blindfolded as they discuss Pratap’s and his actions regarding kokoyi. Pratap comes and watches the fight . Udai mistakenly lounges at him thinking to be Rawat. Pratap saves himself and is praised by both.Pratap questions Udai why is he still getting battle ready when shamz khan has been defeated.

Precap: Rawat tells Shamz khan will not let go easily. We see shamz khan wanting t lay his hands on Pratap and a man tells him of having devised a way for it. Pratap is seen saying to Rawat and Udai that he will not let his motherland be conquered again.

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