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Pratap imagines Akbar coming to CHittor after knwonig about his death. He asks Jagmal to surrender asap and Jagmal freaks out. he puts his turban in Akbar’s feet as he sits on the throne. Akbar smirks. Pratap used to boast that I can never get Mewar. Well, it happened now that you are dead Pratap. Pratap wakes up with a start. No Mughal, Mewar can never be yours! He asks the attendant soldier to inform Ajabde that he wants to meet her asap. Attendant leaves to carry out his order.

Pratap says Jagmal only has killed Dhaman Singh but even his last rites have been done now. No one was present there except Jagmal when he was shot. Jagmal still blamed me for everything. Ajabde says I had a doubt on Jagmal from the beginning itself. I knew that he only has killed Dhaman Singh. But I cannot

understand how to prove you innocent! You wont break your promise that you have given to your Rani Ma, even that Dhaman Singh is dead. Nothing can be used for our benefit by Patta and HK’s statements. Pratap recalls her Guru Raghvendra’s words. There are two ways to achieve your mission. One, straight and simple way from the front! Two, smartness! We wont be able to reach our goal if we choose the first step. Ajabde is worried as they don’t have much time. What if something happens to you by then? Pratap calms her down. The guilty will be punished. It is true that Dhaman Singh is dead but sometimes dead people can come back to tell their truth. Ajabde is confused. He says I know my brother well. When he gets scared then he gets really aggressive. He becomes the biggest fool in that case. She is a little confused so he assures her to trust him. Stay calm and everything will happen smoothly. He holds her hand in his hand so she nods back at him.

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Ajabde tells the whole plan to Chakrapani, Suabhagyawati and Patta. They too are unable to understand the logic behind his whole idea. How can a dead person come back to life to say the truth? Chakrapani offers to make a new plan. Ajabde denies. Pratap never says anything without any strong logic behind it. There is some motive behind his every thought for sure. I got the answer. Dhaman Singh will make Jagmal utter the truth. Patta reminds her that Dhaman Singh is dead. Pratap has done his last rites in my presence only. Ajabde nods. You saw it but Jagmal dint. So he is still alive for us then. This is what Pratap was hinting at me and I couldn’t understand. They are still confused. She says the story of a Brahmin Maharaj going somewhere with his goat. Thieves saw him with his goat but they couldn’t harm him so they decided to catch hold of the goat. They wanted it from Brahmin Maharaj only so they made a plan. They decided to walk up to him all the time, asking him that he is taking a dog with him and it will be against his dharma. All the four thieves said the same thing to Brahmin Maharaj one by one. He started believing it that it is not a goat but a dog that he is taking with him. Saubhagyawati deduces the meaning of her story. We have to speak the same lie 100 times. Ajabde agrees. We have to be so confident when we lie that the other person has no option but to believe it. it is true that Dhaman Singh is dead but we have to tell it to the culprit so confidently that he has to believe it anyhow. This will help us in nabbing him. They all join hands to expose Jagmal. They turn but are taken aback to see Maan standing by the door. Maan too wants to be a part of their plan. Ajabde agrees for it.

Chakrapani and Patta dress an effigy (with soldier’s attire) with a bandage on his head and around his chest. Saubhagyawati puts red colour in the bandage (to indicate the wound). Maan comes to inform them that Jagmal has left from Rani Ma’s room. He is heading towards the temple of our palace now. We have to hurry up.

Jagmal is walking past the balcony when he notices Chakrapani and Patta helping someone. He decides to find out for himself. A soldier stops him as DB has ordered them not to let Jagmal go out of the palace at night. Jagmal gets angry. He pushes the soldier on the ground as he is not letting him go out. learn to respect your future King or your story too might come to an end like Dhaman Singh. He comes outside but cannot find Chakrapani and Patta anywhere. He finally notices them and hides behind a pillar to see what’s happening. Saubhagyawati and Maan are watching everything from upstairs. Chakrapani and Patta stop near Jagmal intentionally. Jagmal notices the blood in their hands. Chakrapani says we have done exactly what Pratap had asked us to do. We have hidden Dhaman Singh at a safe place. Patta adds that they will take him to Rana ji once he is conscious. The truth will be out then and Pratap will be proved innocent. The real culprit will be caught. Jagmal gets scared. They both leave from there.

Ajabde smiles seeing Jagmal running in the corridor towards DB’s room. I dint think that the work will be done so easily.

Pratap looks at the moon from his cell. Ajabde, I can only pray to Ekling ji that he blesses you with success.

Jagmal reaches his Rani Ma’s room and closes the door from inside. That Dhaman Singh is still alive.She isn’t that convinced though. She gives him water and tells him to wait in the room. I will go and check for myself. You know you get really nervous when you are scared. Now you have brought a dead man alive. I feel that Ajabde is behind all this. She walks out of the room to find out the truth herself.

Ajabde tells her team that they will have to be stronger, more convinced and confident about our lie. Rani Ma is not going to fall for this so easily. We have to make it look 100% real.

DB comes outside. The same soldier tells her about how he tried to stop Jagmal but in vain. DB checks outside. Jagmal has surely seen some dream. How can someone be alive after dying? She hears some footsteps. She finds Patta heading to the backyard stealthily with a pot of water. Chakrapani too heads after him along with the Vaid ji. We have to treat Dhaman Singh asap. Ajabde calls out for Chakrapani. Maan brings some medicinal herbs to give to him. the wound is very deep so Vaid ji might need him. Chakrapani nods. Ajabde tells Maan to leave from here before Rani Ma sees her. DB deduces that Jagmal was right.

Maan is pacing in her room when she realises something and pretends to lie down and sleep. DB comes there. I know you aren’t sleeping. You are plotting against your own brother. Maan gets up. DB asks her to speak the truth. You know I can go to any limit for Jagmal. Maan looks away fearlessly but DB holds her face. Be a little scared of me and tell me what’s going on. Maan accepts that Dhaman Singh is alive. I dint do anything. I only know that he is alive and his treatment is on. You know me, I could have given statement against Dada bhai Jagmal but I kept quiet. DB talks about her fear. Maan agrees; but that Dhaman Singh isn’t scared of you at all. He has stopped fearing you and Jagmal after what you both have done with him. the moment he wakes up he will tell everything to father. DB tells her to be ashamed as she thinks against her Rani Ma and Dada bhai.

Patta requests US to come with him once. I will prove it that Pratap is innocent. US relents.

DB tells her son that he was right. That Dhaman Singh is alive and can gain conscious anytime. Jagmal takes out his knife and turns to go. I wont sit here quietly. I am going to kill him. DB tells him not to make any mistake this time. Make sure no one is able to see you. He nods. Maan has heard their entire convo. She runs to tell it to Ajabde. Ajabde recalls Pratap’s words about Jagmal and smiles. Pratap has been right all along. Maan nods.

US and Patta head to the place where the effigy is hidden. Jagmal walks out with a knife in his hand. US, Patta, Ajabde, Maan, Saubhagyawati and Chakrapani are hiding nearby only.US is shocked to watch Jagmal coming there with a knife in his hand.

Precap: US puts a knife around Rawat ji’s neck and escapes from the jail. US is shocked to know about Pratap. Pratap tells Rawat ji that he will only return with Dhaman Singh now. Rawat ji tries to stop him but in vain. Ajabde tells DB that Pratap has made an announcement so he will stick to his words. If that happens then understand the fact that Jagmal isn’t going to live for long.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Pooja thanks for the update and also for writing it in a detail..Loved today’s episode Ajabde is very clever and Pratap is more clever to give such a smart way to get jagmal arrested…

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