Maharana Pratap 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap welcomes Bhagwan Das ji wholeheartedly. We wish happiness and peace to your sister. He too is escorted to the guest room by Chakrapani.

Next enters Raja Ram Singh with his brother Chandrasen Singh. Pratap addresses Raja Ram Singh ji as Kaku Sa but Chandrasen tells him that their relations ended the day Phoolkanwar returned from Mewar to Marwar for forever. Ram Singh advises him not to waste his emotions by thinking of the past. Chandrasen nods. I guess as per Pratap Phool is just a past. Ajabde says there wasn’t a single day when I dint miss her. she is such a friend that I can never have again. How is she? Ram Singh ji replies that she is good. She thinks of you every day too. Raimal is enjoying the animosity between them. Acharya tells Chakrapani that Chandrasen is a patriot whereas

Ram Singh has a little soft corner for Akbar even though they haven’t signed any pact as of now. Rani Durgawati too reaches just then. Jagmal wonders if they are at such a bad situation that they will have to join hands with a woman! Raimal says it is wrong to estimate your friends and enemies without knowing them.

Rani Durgawati is no ordinary woman. Rani Durgawati too is welcomed following all the rituals. Pratap talks highly of her. She is the one who threw Pass Bahadur (Afghan) out of her territory. She fought with Afghans with a handful of soldiers and won as well. She has made India proud. Since then not just Afghans but just about no one has dared to attack on Gondwana once again. Durgawati is very glad to be here. She greets everyone. She shows an inclination to see Amar. Ajabde shares that he too is very excited to meet her. He knows everything about you by heart. She is sure he will turn out to be like his father when he grows up. My stories will become stories of little kids for him then.

Amar tells CK that everyone is here. Why are you getting ready like this? Is there something special? There is surely something. He teases her and runs away. She too runs after him but collides with Bikaner’s King’s son (Rai Singh). He holds her in time and they share an eye lock. She asks his intro. He replies that he is Rai Singh. I lost my way then I think I am on the right path now. She replies that as he is new here then he should wait for his hosts to show him around. He replies boldly again. Why don’t you show me around? She walks away without saying anything.

Ajabde tells the daasi’s that minimum 3 daasi’s will be with one guest each. The daasi’s leaves. Pratap tells her that everything is going smoothly till now. She nods but also knows that there is hidden animosity between everyone. You handled everything nicely. He is feeling weird. The kings and queens are coming in this city for the first time. Father will not be at his throne. She replies that he needs rest. Will Rani Ma come to court? Pratap goes to try once. CK comes there. Ajabde asks her where she was. Rani Durgawati was asking about you. CK fumbles that she is coming after meeting her only. Do you need any help? Ajabde can notice the change in her behaviour and is confused.

JB is busy making garland when Pratap comes there. She asks him if all the guests are here. He nods. The court will start real soon. She calls it an auspicious occasion. He adds that he is missing his father very much. Everyone will be present in the court today except him. She replies that change is a part of life. He is recuperating happily as he knows that nothing can go wrong till you are here. He requests her to come in the court to help him. I will feel confident enough. She reasons that she has separated herself from all these worldly affairs long ago. He knows it too well. But wont you come for your son when he needs you?

A man begs for mercy from Akbar. I will never talk to anyone about becoming a traitor to you. Akbar doesn’t want his citizens to mistake him as a coward or weak man. I run this big empire because of their fears. What will be left otherwise? A eunuch brings a special message for Akbar just when the guy is about to be executed. A smile breaks on Akbar’s face. He forgives the guy. Set him free. Maan Singh says this will send s wrong message in their people. Akbar is thrilled at a news that his wife has sent for him. Maan Singh looks unhappy.

Everyone pays their respect to the throne in the absence of Rana ji before starting the meeting. DB hopes everything gets well once again. VB assures her that everything will be fine. Ajabde is waiting for Rani Ma. VB tells her against it. She dint come in Bahubhoj also. Just then JB surprises them all by coming there.

All the guests take their seats. Pratap shares that his father isn’t keeping well which is why he isn’t here. He has sent good wishes and regards to all of you. He will try to meet you all personally as soon as he gets fine. Raimal is getting bored. It is good if Pratap comes to point.

Chandrasen asks Pratap to come to the main point directly. We haven’t been called her to talk about the vain matters. Pratap affirms. I have something else in mind. He seeks his Rani Ma’s approval before coming to the main point. Pratap proposes unity of entire Rajputana so we can send the enemy back to his state and maintain our traditions, culture together. Bhagwan Das asks him who the so called enemy is! Pratap takes Akbar’s same. The guy tells him to think through before talking anything against his relative. Pratap knows it and respects the fact too but this doesn’t change the bigger truth. So many women became widows because of that cruel Mughal’s army. Another king calls it an impossible mission.

Precap: Chandrasen and Bhagwan Das get into an argument because of Akbar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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