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Chandrasen asks her Phool not to give any such promise. Ram Singh angrily tells him not to talk in Pratap’s language. Pratap comes there just then. Phool thinks of the old times as she looks at him. Your brother is saying the right thing.

Raimal comes to US’s room. I think there is no tradition in this palace to discuss something with your elders. It happens so in my palace. US asks him to speak clearly. Raimal talks about Akbar’s proposal of marriage for Phool. Ram Singh accepts it but this has upset Pratap. US says it is justified. Raimal adds that he might be right. I too feel the same but we dint leave for Marwar like Pratap. Who is he to meddle in Marwar’s affairs? He could have consulted you atleast. US gets angry. Raimal hints that Akbar and Marwar can attack

Pratap instead. Small victories have made Pratap over confident. How did he go without consulting you? DB interrupts him.

Phool has tears in her eyes as she looks at Pratap. Ram Singh ji welcomes him. Pratap says I have come to help you. I will talk to your father. Chandrasen tells Ram Singh that he will have to refuse this proposal. Ram Singh replies that this is the result of what he did in Agra. Chandrasen doesn’t find anything wrong in what he did. I don’t think any Rajput state will call it wrong. Ram Singh cannot understand what the need for him to get inside Agra was and do all that damage. Don’t suggest me anything now. Pratap says your decision wont be right for either Marwar or Phool. Joining hands with him will be equal to accept his slavery. We cannot trust him. He is asking for Phool today. Probably it will be your state and palace next that he would want to have. There is no extent of his greed. Be very careful over this matter. Ram Singh reminds him that he too lost his Mewar to Mughal. You got Udaipur again by your will power. I am not as strong as you. Please don’t complicate the situation by associating it with Rajput dignity. This is my decision for Marwar!

DB reprimands her brother for filling Rana ji’s ears. Pratap only heard his inner voice. He wanted to meet you but I only asked him to go. Raimal says he could have waited for today. Phool isn’t getting married today. US seconds him. DB asks him to trust Pratap. He won’t do anything wrong. Raimal is glad as his sister came a little late. I did my work.

Chandrasen questions his brother over his decision but Ram Singh stays put. I know what is good for my daughter and Marwar. Chandrasen leaves the decision on Phool. Are you ready to marry that Mughal and accept him as her husband? Won’t her soul be restless for life? Phool leaves from there teary eyed. Chandrasen points out to his brother that she has no answer. Her silence means her no. Ram Singh says you are forgetting that the good girls of Rajputana stay quiet to agree for any alliance.

Heer Bai asks the daasi’s to bring bangles. The Shagun will be incomplete otherwise. Salima comes to add salt to her wound. Your baby is still due yet you are busy making preps to welcome another woman in here? I had told you to be careful. HB continues to talk positive which irks Salima. The wedding is on this Jumla only.

Phool cries thinking of the situation. She remembers Akbar confessing it that he loves her. She next thinks of her love for Pratap. Pratap comes there. She pretends to draw. He knows that the diatnces between them have increased. I have no right to speak in any of your personal matters. I also know that you don’t want to make your life hell by accepting that Mughal’s proposal. I am well aware of the fact that you don’t change your opinion about anyone easily. Surely you would be thinking of that Mughal just like a patriot. I request you not to give into any emotional pressure. Phool instead talks about Amar. Pratap tells her a little about Ajabde and Amar. She says I will think a little more. I will share it with you once I am clear about it. Pratap understands that in her heart she has already made her decision. You only have to make up your mind now. He turns to go when he stops for a second to look at his sketch kept nearby. Phool too looks at the sketch. You say everything so easily.

Akbar halts for the day. He tells Maan Singh to send the Shagun and message to Marwar.

The Shagun and bridal dress reach Marwar. Phool looks at it with shock. Ram Singh states that this wedding dress will bring death for them if she says no. This reached here even before my acceptance. It doesn’t matter to Akbar is you accept it or not. It will only affect Marwar. He will destory Marwar. He wont leave anyone alive. I am your father but I am Marwar’s helpless king first. I beg you to save Marwar. Phool holds his hand. Please let me think. Ram Singh asks her if she thinks he or she has any other option. This isn’t a proposal but Akbar’s final decision. Phool says it doesn’t matter. I need time to think. Should I not think before committing suicide? She walks out from there.

Phool keeps thinking of her father’s words. How do I tell him my decision? How do I tell him something that wont affect him wrongly. A daasi comes to tell her about something that has happened in the court.

Ram Singh asks one of his courtiers to cut his throat. Phool questions him. He says I am only doing what Akbar will do to me tomorrow. It is better to get my throat cut from the hands of my own people instead of dying by his hands. Phool tells the courtier to keep the sword back in its sheath. Pratap asks her if she has changed his decision. She replies that he is no one to interfere in their matters. You are an outsider. Pratap is taken aback.

Precap: Pratap waits for Phool’s decision. She announces that she wants to marry Akbar. I want to become the wife of the most powerful man on earth. I want to me the Mallika-e-Hind of Shehanshah Akbar! Pratap and Chandrasen aren’t happy.

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