Maharana Pratap 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 16th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rana ji telling Pratap that there is no doubt that you are the future king of Mewar …Choti Rani looks at Rani maa , who seem little worried ,gets a flashback of choti Rani telling her don’t let Paratp do any thing that would make everyone realize that have every quality of a King , She asks Pratap to come along with her …

Jalal is with his ministers and remembers that Shamsheer khan is the person who would have all the information about Mewar ,he asks BK to bring him to Mughal court , A Minister says that he will bring him tomorrow morning But Jalal doesn’t want to wait he says bring him right now ..A man comes and informs about Shamsheer khan , that he has been arrested ..

Ranai maa asks Pratap to promise that he will not touch any weapon

, He says what kind of promise is that ? As a Rajput its his duty to fight for his martu bhumi , She says she knows all that but still want this promise form him , He notices that Rani maa is scared and worried , He asks her what is that she is trying to hide , She says why can’t he do this for her because she left everything for him and came along with him ..

Shamsheer khan has been brought to Jalal , Jalal says no matter where you hide and no matter how many different look you take my men will find you , He requests him to spare his life , BK asks what you know about Mewar , Shamsheer Khan is surprised and says says if I share all the information will you spare my life , he says go on He tells about the boy who fought with Mughal sena , and he was the one who tried to kill BK ..Jalal become angry and wishes to punish him for that , He says tell me more about him I want know everything about him ..BK asks if he knew why didn’t he tried to kill him , Shamsheer khan tells them that he tried to Kill him but could not get succeeded then he sent his brother, he killed him .. He says that boy is not a normal Rajput Prince He is very brave if you want to rule India and become the Shahanshah of India then you have to fight with him ,Jalal asks his men to arrest and put him in the lock up , Shamsheer Khan cries and requests not to do this ,it It would better you kill me ..

Jalal says I remember what is my parents told me if you want to be the king of jungle then you have to kill the lion , BK tells him but for that you have to prepare a trap for the lion , and I think we should use Boondi to do this , But there is one problem that the king of that place seem not interested in royal duties or worried for public so he may not agree to help us butr he is a womanizer …so we have to deal with him differently ..

In Boondi Rao Sultan is in his court BK is there with number of girls and gold coins , BK says these are some untouched precious wealth of Mughal , He asks what you want in return ? BK says Mewar , he says everyone want Mewar , the problem is getting Mewar is not that easy , BK says if he helps him getting information about mewar then he will offer many more Untouched wealth of Mughal , He agrees to help BK

Precap : Rani maa tells Pretap that she is going to Boondi for puja , In boondi pratap is with Rani maa near a lake ..Some people strikes on innocents villagers Pratap become angery , it was a trap Boondi king told BK that pratap can’t tolerate any kind of torture on poor

Update Credit to: cheena007

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