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Maharana Pratap 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap talks to Rana Punja. I can understand your pain. I know a son is everything for a father. Rana Punja knows his son Megha is not with him at the moment. I still feel he will come running and ask me why we are not fighting. We will teach such a lesson to those Mughals that they will think n number of times to fight with us. Pratap suggests doing the last rites of Megha first. Rana Punja can only think of his motherland as of now. My son sacrificed his life for our mother (motherland). My son’s sacrifice will go waste if I don’t do justice to my son’s death. Pratap insists. This is the time to feel the pain. I will seek revenge from your end. This is the most important thing to be done by you at the moment.

Amar is practising sword fighting. He talks to Jhala Kaka. I want

to see what father’s plan is for today. Where do I stand? Jhala suggests him to ask his father only. Amar doesn’t want to upset his father but Jhala insists.

Pratap tells his soldiers about their positions. Amar comes there to ask about his position in the war. The soldiers go away. Amar too wants to be a part of his father’s army. Pratap asks Amar to go back to Udaipur. Amar refuses to oblige his order. I am Mewar’s Prince. Pratap sticks to his decision. All the preps have been made. Do you want more people like Megha to sacrifice their life just to save you? You came here without asking or informing anyone. Megha lost his life for you. You should be ashamed for yourself. Amar apologizes to him. no one will lose their life because of me anymore. I am going back to Udaipur right away. Pratap too feels bad to hurt him but he doesn’t have any other option than this.

Another commander joins MK along with his troops. They will together fight with the Rajputs. MK comes face to face with Pratap. Mughal soldiers surround him as he is alone. MK mocks Pratap. Keep all your weapons down. I will take you to Shehanshah. You can plead him while talking about your earlier friendship days. I doubt he will feel pity for you. He has thought of various ways to kill you. Pratap smiles at him. He hears some voice. A gust of storm surrounds MK and his soldiers. The Mughal soldiers cannot see anything clearly owing to the dust. The Rajput solders start killing Mughal soldiers. Pratap joins his group of soldiers. MK understands it a little too late. Pratap says you (MK) made a little mistake in understanding me. I am US’s son. How did you think I will surrender to you while I am still alive? You are standing on my motherland and try to scare us by your 50k soldiers? MK orders his soldiers to attack. Whichever soldier tries to break the Chakravyuh of Rajput soldiers dies. Pratap gets out of that zone and openly attacks the Mughal soldiers. MK cannot understand what’s happening.

Rana Punja thinks of his last proud moments with his son. He lights the pyre. He tells his Bheel fellows that they have to stand united against the Mughals. We have to join Rana ji asap. One BHeel wonders how he could think of it when they have just lost so many of their men. Rana Punja talks about their age old rule. How can we leave them? Rana ji went to pour Rani Sa’s ashes. He dint think once before hearing what we have been going through. This is the time to teach lesson to that Mughals. They should never think to attack our motherland again! It will be the most apt tribute to my son Megha and his fellowmen.

Pratap thinks of the Mewar siege and of Ajabde’s death as he continues to kill all the Mughal soldiers. They kill all of MK’s troops. MK mentally apologizes to God and Akbar. The other commander (Bailol Khan) enjoys the scene from a distance. He praises Akbar’s idea. He had told Bailol Khan that Pratap will win the first round of war at any cost. His wife’s death has made him angry enough. He himself will kill our soldiers. Let them die. Let Pratap think he has won after killing our 50k soldiers. The moment he starts enjoying his victory, take the rest of the 50k soldiers that are hiding in the grass and attack him. Flashback ends. All the Rajputs say Jai Mewar in unison. Bailol Khan signals his soldiers to come out of their hiding place. Akbar had wanted it to happen this way so all the Mewar soldiers are out in the open to die by our hands.

Pratap looks at MK.

Precap: Maan Singh’s cousin brother has sent another troop of soldiers for the war. Akbar’s commander leaves some poisonous mice in a nearby village. A lot many people’s situation turns critical.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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