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Rawat ji is upset with Ajabde. You have made a very big mistake. The entire Mewar will have to bear its consequences. If anything happens to Pratap then you will be responsible for it. She has a feeling that everything will be fine. He wants to protect Pratap as it is his dharma. You have created an obstacle in my dharma by coming here. She reasons that she too is fulfilling her dharma (as a wife). He is worried how he will face Mewar, Rana ji if anything happens to Pratap. She tells him to trust Pratap. He will be fine. I don’t find anything wrong in his decision if he wants to fix it all. He had requested you very politely to stop the people from reacting tomorrow. Give him this chance. Maybe he will succeed in his plan. Rawat ji nods after thinking for a while. I trust your faith.


Singh is already waiting for Pratap, Patta and Raja Jaimal with two horses at the exit of the secret passage. Vajra Singh requests Pratap to allow him to accompany him. I want to take revenge from that Mughal for my son’s death. Please allow me. Pratap agrees.

Commanders give special instructions to a few people about what they will be doing tonight. Kalla offers to fan Akbar overnight. He promises that he wont sleep for even a second. He thinks that he will not close his eyes till he ends that Mughal’s life. The commander agrees when Kalla insists.

Ajabde greets Patta’s mother and his newlywed wife. She gifts her her necklace as a muh dikhai gift. Patta’s mother asks for Patta. Pratap and his team are on their way.

Kalla is fanning Akbar at night. He looks at Akbar. This is your last night. You can sleep peacefully. Akbar sees a vision in his dream. Pratap comes to his tent and kills a lot many soldiers. He comes face to face with Akbar. Akbar wakes up just then. He orders the fan’s speed to be increased. Kalla obliges. Akbar walks out of the tent and checks through his binoculars. He observes some people heading towards their tent. He looks closely. It is Pratap! How dare him! He shifts the cannon’s direction towards that side. Kalla gets tensed. Akbar checks Pratap’s position once again and then lights the cannon ball. Kalla gets tensed thinking that everything will be over if it is indeed Pratap. The cannon ball is shot. Everyone in Chittor hears its sound and gets concerned. Isa Kaka sends Kalla back to his place. Akbar is sure he has fired at the right place. He checks through his binoculars but cannot see anyone. where did Pratap disappear? How can it happen?

One of the ladies wonders if the cannon hit Pratap. Ajabde prays for her husband’s welfare. Rawat ji too thinks of the same. Hey Ekling ji, please keep him safe. Everyone will be over if anything happens to him. Dodhiya ji is sure nothing will happen to Pratap. He will be back soon. Ajabde reasons that the Mughals have never fired in that direction. Pratap and everyone else had gone in that very direction only. No one is able to see Pratap.

Akbar gets glad thinking that Pratap died in that fire. Patta’s wife faints. All the ladies rush to her. A few ladies lose hope. Who will save us if Pratap is not there anymore? We only have one option now. Maybe the time has come!

Surtan ji thinks that maybe Pratap was attack. Rawat ji doesn’t want to think of that possibility.

Amar dreams of his mother committing Jauhar. He wakes up with a start. US and DB ask him about his dream and get stunned by what he says. Jagmal wonders if another Jauhar will happen. We will lose Chittor then. US slaps him. If I am alive then Pratap is alive. No one can do anything to Chittor till he is alive.

Ajabde is sure Pratap is perfectly fine. I am fine, which means he is fine too. Pratap peeks out from behind a tree. Akbar cannot see Pratap’s dead body anywhere. Where did it go? it should have been there only. Is he alive? Pratap looks at him from a distance. Mughals have surely seen us. But nothing can happen to us till Ekling ji is with us. Pratap had heard of the cannon shot. It fell way ahead than where they were. That Mughal would have thought that he has killed us but he doesn’t know that tonight he will be dead.

Akbar’s commanders ask Akbar if he is sure he saw Pratap. We have so many soldiers here who are keeping guard around you. Akbar gets irked. I wasn’t dreaming. I saw him with my own eyes. Go and look closely, his dead body must be there.

Precap: Pratap and his team vow to seek their revenge. Akbar orders his commanders to look for Pratap everywhere. He shouldn’t get out alive. Pratap comes in Akbar’s tent. A soldier notices him and either of them attack each other. The Diya in Ajabde’s room goes off. Everyone looks on worriedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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