Maharana Pratap 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pratap reaches at jalal’s room and sees that jalal is doing prayer thats why he cannot attack him. Here rawal ji climb on wall and chakrapani with his friends trying to divert the attention of soldiers . Soldiers give information to bahram khan about pratap and they goes towards jalal’s room. Here rawal ji reaches at jalal’s room. Pratap and rawal ji heard the feet noise of soldiers and they go from there. Bahram khan reaches with there soldiers and they see jalal is praying then rawal ji and pratap gone from jalals room. Bahram khan see pratap and catch the rope.

Jalal completes his prayer and turned around and ask from nasir, what happen, why you all surrounded me? Then he ask from bahram khan. bahram khan says, nobody is there. Jalal says, your face

is telling truth and there was somebody present there. Bahram khan says, trust me, i will see around. jalal says, there is something happening around us. Jalal ask from nasir, who has broken our security? Nasir says, bahram khan ji only tells the truth.

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Haji khan ji reaches at secured place with pratap and his friends. Pratap gets angry then haji khan says, why you did not kill jalal. Haji khan says, now we cannot kill jalal because now bahram khan see pratap and now he will try his complete force.
Bahram khan instructs his force to catch pratap and kill them. Then jalal reaches there and says, who was on my window, tell me!!!!
Jalal says, you didnt mention name of pratap, only simple rebellions cannot break our security.

bahram khan says, you are saying truth but i cannot believe that pratap will come here. Jalal says, why he will not? Bahram khan says, because mewar already in loss thats why he will not come to left their soldier. Jalal says, why you will stop our dream, we have strong force then bahram khan interrupts jalal and says, i have spent so many time with your father and your grand father too and i believe if they were present on present time then they will not allowed you to do this. Jalal says, ok we will do as you say. But you can say confidently that pratap is not intruded in our fort. Bahram khan says, yes.

Then nasir comes and bahram khan put his hand on nasir mouth and says, shut up and then he sent him outside. Haji khan’s spy comes and gives weapons to them and also inform them that there is some party in fort tonight.

Pratap ask, which kind of party? Spy says, there is some dance party organise at fort. Rawal ji says, how will we trust that party is orgainising in fort instead bahram khan see you. Pratap says, party will organising in fort but there is trap organising nearby to us by bahram khan.

Bahram khan plans a plan with nargis and tells nargis to entertain him and if they will try to go outside then put some droplets of this tonic then he will stay here. Nasir ask about drops for jalal. Bahram khan says, we will use this drops in pratap’s drink and after drink it, pratap will see 7 jalal and when he will identify the real one then we will kill pratap.

Precap:- Pratap says, i will kill jalal by face to face. Jalal gets happy to 7 mirrors.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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