Maharana Pratap 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 16th July 2013 Written Update

Kokaiya daai gets her conciousness, she says he want to go to palace but a lady/maid/vaid/doc ask her to rest, as bhatyani has ordered them to take spl care of her, the lady ask her to stay away from wat she has eaten, if that dose had been l’il more she would have died, kokoiya get unconcious again. Scene changed, girja dhai ask abt kokaiya, dhirbai told that she has sent her to take rest as she was tired of making thandai.

A maid informs them that all prince has arrived, as thy enter som was designated pratap as yuvraj, bhatyani dnt lyking it, jaiwanta ask som abt it, he told that the villagers has declared pratap as thr king, he told wat happen thr. On the other side, rawat told this to udai singh, n ask that its the right time to declare pratap as thr next king.


changed, som again starts calling pratap as yuvraj, bhatyani stop him, sajja ask her y she always stop ppl from appreciating pratap, bhatyani says she’s scared bcoz of the buri nazar of the ppl. She ask to first utaro thr nazar, sajja did it with shakti n gave him thandai to drink but he’s so pissed of with pratap’s jai jaikaar that he leaves with vikram without drinking it, jaiwanta calm down sajja n says that she’ll talk with him.

Jaiwanta ask bhatyani to utaro pratap’s nazar, as she’s the one who’s scared the most, bhatyani did it n leave from thr giving jaiwanta the glass to give it to pratap, as pratap abt to drink kokaiya came n throws the glass away, jaiwanta n sajja got angry n calls the soldiers, she pleads for srry n says that by mistake she grind poisioness leaves with mint leaves, pratap ask jaiwanta to forgive her.

Scene changed, bhatyani slap kokaiya for spoiling thr plan, kokaiya says that she did for her only, if she get caught udai will not forgive her, she ask her to give idea to kill pratap.

Scene changed, Pratap was playing with som, he’s the king n som is senapati, jaiwanta saw them, som ran from thr, jaiwanta ask him that he still need to learn more, pratap ask to play with her, hide n seek, he ran to hide, girja dhai says that she has doubt on sum insiders, that thr’s sum ppl who wanna kill pratap, jaiwanta ask her to not take stress.

Jaiwanta n pratap were playing in the room , udai noticed n came to join.

Precap: Udai want to punish kokaiya, girja dhai told jaiwanta that thr r no poisoiness plants in the palace.

Update Credit to: Amor

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