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US gives judgement against Pratap. He will be hanged tomorrow morning before sunrise. Ajabde is in tears. Everyone is shocked / hurt except DB and Jagmal. Pratap closes his eyes. Ajabde looks at him and all their past meetings flash before her eyes. US too recalls all the moments that he has spent with his son. DB requests him to take his decision back. Think about Ajabde atleast. She has just come in the palace. How will she live her life without Pratap? US tells her that he cannot take his decision back. He orders Rawat ji to follow his order. He leaves from there. Rawat ji asks the soldiers to take Pratap Singh to his cell. Soldiers stand next to Pratap with their heads bowed down. Pratap tells them to follow the orders that have been given to them. They simply gesture him to head towards

their prison area. Pratap turns to HK. Our friendship lasted for a very little time but it is worth remembering. I am grateful to you. He stops near Patta this time. You have to take care of everything, especially of your jija. He finally walks out from the court with the soldiers following him at a distance.

US comes to his room. He keeps his sword down, takes off his turban and looks at it sadly.

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Maan, VB, DB and Ajabde meet Pratap in the corridor. Maan looks away tearfully when Pratap walks up to them. I know you are upset with me. I want you to take care of CK when she returns from her grandparents place. You have to take care of yourself too. Maan looks at him sadly. Pratap then looks at Ajabde but doesn’t say anything. He also keeps quiet when he passes by VB. He tells DB to take care of herself and then continues walking. Ajabde can see the fake concern and tears of the faces of DB and Jagmal.

Rawat ji comes to meet US. Forgive me but you have made a very big mistake by giving death penalty to Pratap. I am not saying by getting swayed in the emotions but I can see how your decision will impact the people of Mewar. People are so livid right now that it has become difficult for our soldiers to handle them. people have gathered outside and are protesting against US’s decision. US and Rawat ji can hear the commotion from inside. Rawat ji says Mewar’s people see their future in Pratap. If anything happens to him right now then these people will never forgive either you or your entire family. Things have not gone out of our hands yet. We can still change things for better if we want. I can clearly see that we are heading towards a dark future. US reminds him that his decisions are always last. I cannot be lenient with Pratap just because he is famous. His crimes are not worth forgiveness. Rawat ji replies that his heart too knows that Pratap cannot do it. US is not thinking about what he understands or knows. That has nothing to do with making a judgement. Judgement will be done the way it is done. People will have to compromise or learn how to deal with their pains. Pratap has not left any other option for me. I too am pained by all this so I cannot do any kind of compromise while making judgement.

DB finds Ajabde sitting lost in thoughts. She sits down besides her. do you hear what the people of Mewar are saying? They are saying that their favourite prince is innocent; that someone is plotting against him. I also feel that Jagmal has killed Dhaman Singh. You too think the same, right? But it doesn’t make any difference what you feel or what I think or what people of Mewar think! Rana ji has made an announcement against Pratap. Pratap will be hanged and no one will be able to stop it. She gets up to go but then turns one more time. I am actually worried about you. you are so beautiful. You have your whole life before you. How will you live your life without him now? What will be the meaning of your life without Pratap? Ajabde tells her not to worry about her life. I will find the meaning of my life by proving Pratap innocent. Be assured. Nothing will happen to your Pratap. Ajabde walks out of the room. DB thinks how she is still adamant of proving Pratap innocent.

US is sitting in dark. A soldier comes to inform him that Ajabde has come to meet him. Ajabde comes there and greets him. I know you love Pratap the most. I also know that you are bound by your duties and raj dharma. You are unable to show your love and also the pain you are feeling right now because of your obligations as a King. She requests him to allow her to meet Pratap once. Time is very limited. He closes his eyes sadly. Do you also think that I am responsible for what has happened? Ajabde denies. US allows her to meet Pratap. She leaves.

Pratap is in his cell when Ajabde comes there. As soon as she enters, he tells her to stay put for a moment so that he can savour the moment in his heart for forever. She obliges. What did you say? You said you were tied by a promise which is why you couldn’t say the truth in the court? I have come here to remind you of your vow that you had taken for your motherland. How could you forget such an important promise? I will remind you in case you have forgotten. Right after our wedding you had told me that your motherland is of utmost importance to you, then your mother and then me. This will remain same for the entire lifetime. How can you forget your motherland for your mother? It will be a cheating to motherland. If you leave now then your father too will fall weak without you. who will fight with Akbar then? Will that Jagmal, who tried to kill his own mother, fight with Akbar? Pratap tells her to stop but she continues. You know the truth very well. Jagmal is the killer. First he tried to kill his own Rani Ma, and then he killed Dhaman Singh. You know all this yet how can you give your throne to him? is this what you had promised your motherland? It would have been better if you yourself had given Chittor to Akbar. Pratap tells the soldiers that he is tired. Ajabde takes the cue and leaves.

US is caressing Pratap’s things (his clothes, his sword) as he thinks of their happy times again and how proud he has been of her son till date. He decides to go and meet Pratap. DB comes there just when he is about to head to the cell. Where are you going Rana ji? He replies that he is going to meet his son. he will be hanged tomorrow so I want to meet him. She stands in his way. You can go if you want to but remember that you have given this judgement against Pratap. If you go to meet him now then people will get to know about it somehow. They are already upset over your decision. What will they think of you if they see you like this? Meet your son quietly after sunset so that no one gets to know about it. She thinks how Ajabde too would he roaming around Pratap only at his moment. I cannot afford to let all three of you together right now.

Pratap imagines Akbar coming to CHittor after knwonig about his death. He asks Jagmal to surrender asap and Jagmal freaks out. he puts his turban in Akbar’s feet as he sits on the throne. Akbar smirks. Pratap used to boast that I can never get Mewar. Well, it happened now that you are dead Pratap. Pratap wakes up with a start. No Mughal, Mewar can never be yours!

Precap: Jagmal looks out from the balcony. He notices two people helping someone. He runs to his Rani Ma’s room. That Dhaman Singh is still alive. I am going to kill him. DB tells him not to make any mistake this time. US and Patta leave. Jagmal walks out with a knife in his hand. US, Patta, Maan, and Chakrapani are hiding nearby only.

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