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Maharana Pratap 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone cheer for Pratap as he returns to Udaipur. DB looks at Shakti with confusion. She does Pratap’s aarti. Pratap introduces Shakti to her. Shakti touches her feet. She does his aarti as well. Jagmal and Raimal look on. Our plans have been foiled one more time. He is becoming the darling of everyone once again. Hope he doesn’t start his mission of uniting Rajputana one more time. What will we do if it happens!

DB brings Pratap and Shakti to US’s room. US has tears in his eyes. Shakti sits down next to him. They both recall their past happy moments. US caresses his face. How are you son? Please forgive me if possible. We all made a very big mistake. Shakti asks him not to say so. Now I am back. I wont leave you now.

Akbar wants to put Pratap’s loved

ones against him only. Who saved him in Chittor? His own citizens! They only supported him every single time. The same happened today when he took Kamlawati out from here. Now we will do something which puts him against his own people only. Maan Singh is curious about his plan. Akbar gives him a message. It is about my alliance with Phool of Marwar.

Phool is guiding the artists how to draw the sketch of a brave heart. One of the girls wants to draw Pratap’s sketch but is unable to do so. Will you help me? Phool happily draws Pratap’s sketch. The girl is amazed. How do you know he looks like this at present? You had said that you had met him in childhood. Phool confirms with her if this is exactly how Pratap looks today. He is the only Rajput who has given a tight competition to those Mughals! A daasi comes to inform her that someone has brought a marriage proposal for her.

Maan Singh tells Ram Singh ji that Akbar is very angry with Marwar for whatever happened (because of Chandrasen helping Pratap recently in Agra). Ram Singh requests him to save Marwar somehow. Maan Singh says only one thing can save Marwar now – make him marry Phool. Phool is watching it from a distance. Ram Singh gives his approval for the alliance.

Pratap requests Chandrasen to stay back in Udaipur for a while. Chandrasen cannot stay at the moment as the situation is a bit serious. My brother gets worried very soon because of that Mughal. Pratap nods. Do let me know if you need anything. Ajabde gives him a gift to be given to Phool. A messenger delivers a message for Chandrasen. He reads it and gets tensed. Chandrasen informs Pratap and Ajabde about Akbar’s marriage proposal for Phool. Ram Singh has accepted it too. I had thought that the latest mission will teach that Mughal a lesson but he has made it his habit. How dare he send such a proposal for my sister! Pratap can think that there may be some old and new reasons behind this proposal. I am amazed as to how Phool accepted it. Ajabde is sure Phool cannot do it. Chandrasen too knows that his brother stooped down before that Mughal. I will stop him from doing this. I will need your help for this. You will have to come to Marwar with me. Ajabde too asks him to help Phool or she will break down. Pratap agrees.

Pratap asks about his father from DB. She tells him that he is sleeping. Pratap shares that he has to leave for Marwar right away. Akbar has sent a marriage proposal for Phool. Sadly, Ram Singh ji has accepted it too. I will have to stop it at any cost. DB suggests him to leave asap. I will talk to your father. Pratap nods.

Maan Singh gives the good news to Akbar. Ram Singh has accepted your proposal. Akbar knows that they anyways had no other option. Take Heer Bai’s help. Send whatever Shagun one has to as per the rituals. Maan Singh leaves.

Raimal is glad to know about Akbar’s inclination of marrying Phool. Jagmal thinks that his brother will yet again interrupt Akbar’s plan. He will free Phool. People will yet again cheer for him. Raimal denies. There is a very big difference between Rani Durgawati and Ram Singh ji. Akbar has done the best possible thing by thinking of targeting the strongest state of Rajputana (Marwar). Now I will go and do my bit.

Ram Singh guides the servants to follow everything as per Akbar’s wish. He dismisses everyone as Phool comes there. He turns the other way round. Would you be able to look at people in their eye by doing what you have decided? He says he is doing it for his motherland. No sacrifice is less for a mother! This relation can save Marwar from Akbar’s anger. This keeps on happening. Jodha was also from Amer. Marwar’s good is in your hands now. Promise me that you will listen to me. Promise me that you wont let us down. Chandrasen asks her not to give any such promise. Ram Singh angrily tells him not to talk in Pratap’s language. Pratap comes there just then. Phool thinks of the old times as she looks at him.

Precap: Ram Singh does not want to die by the hands of that Mughal. He asks him commander to cut off his head as that is a better option. Phool changes his mind. Everyone waits for her decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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