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Tara Bai points her finger towards DB. Tara Bai begins to laugh the very next minute. You are questioning me as if you will give death penalty to whoever I call the culprit. Pratap warns her that she is already wasting their precious time. This will only add up to her crime. Tara Bai knows that he wont let her go even if she shares the person’s name with him. Those, who are behind this crime, will certainly come to save me if I don’t tell you their name. Rana Punja wants to teach her a lesson but Pratap does not want to go beyond a certain limit that they exercise while interrogating a woman. Tara Bai says you are a very good person but sadly, you wont live for long. Everyone is taken aback by her boldness.

Akbar tells his soldiers to get his horse asap. The commander advises him

not to go out alone as it is a dangerous area. Akbar still goes out alone.

Acharya says we are neither Raghuvanshi nor does it matter much to me if it is a woman who is a culprit. I request you to finish your other works first. I will take care of her meanwhile. Tara Bai gets tensed. She takes Jagmal and Raimal’s name. I was going to give them an important message outside their cell. DB speaks in between. Anyone does something wrong and blames me, my son and my brother for no reason. I know them. they have not done anything like that. Why are we listening to her only if it is about justice? Pratap replies that they aren’t blinding trusting anyone’s words. Tara Bai will be kept under security till they counter check whatever she has said. We have to validate them first. Whatever be the result of investigation, you will anyways get death penalty. Tara Bai is shocked.

Akbar notices a few skeletons hanging in the jungle. This is the place where Faizal stays. One old man thinks that Akbar will be finished now. Akbar notices the people hiding nearby. He shoots once in the air and then drops all his weapons. I surrender myself to you. Just take me to Faizal. Faizal’s men come out. One of them hits Akbar on his head. Akbar lies unconscious on the ground.

Tara Bai sings a song in the cell. The soldiers get hypnotized hearing her voice. She also explains the meaning of the song to them. One soldier acts smart. He warns the other soldier not to fall in her trap. She is a Vish Kanya. The soldiers scold her but Tara Bai continues luring the easy one. The smart soldier goes to light the diya’s in and around the cell. Tara Bai touches her nails on her tongue.

Amar is getting his hair oiled by his mother. They discuss about Tara Bai. He is curious as to why that daasi brought all that stuff from Marwar. Ajabde knows that she wanted to create misunderstandings between her and Phool. No one can come in between us.

Phool comes to her room. She angrily calls out for her daasi upon noticing a tray of colours. Pratap surprises her by saying that he kept it here. You used to draw sketches in Marwar. I thought to arrange everything for you here only. It was just a small thing. I wanted to make sure my brother’s bad words don’t affect you. Phool is touched by this gesture. Pratap replies that you can find time for people if the love and friendship is real. Phool holds his hand while thanking him. Ajabde witness it.

Faizal’s men bring Akbar to his cave. They have blindfolded Akbar.

Maan Singh scolds the soldiers for letting Akbar leave alone. Maan Singh gets a message from Hakim khan. I can help you in finding your Shehanshah.

Faizal immediately holds Akbar’s feet. Such a mistake! You can kill me right away. This life is yours. Akbar tells him to get ready to repay him then.

Hakim Khan tells Maan Singh that if he does not act fast then maybe he wont see his Shehanshah again. he has gone to meet Faizal. I have spent my life here. I know every nook and corner of this place. Take me with you. I will help you find him. Maan Singh asks him why he will try to save the guy whom he wants to die. Hakim Khan smirks.

The soldiers find the only soldier gurading Tara Bai’s cell dead.

Jagmal and Raimal are shocked to know that DB wants them to take the entire blame on them. DB tells them that Tara Bai has already taken their name in the court. She is very smart. She knows that I can do anything to save you both. Accept your crime before Pratap before we are trapped. Jagmal asks her if she has a backup plan. She nods. You will only do what I will ask you to do. They both agree. DB goes out.

DB is in the corridor when Tara Bai holds her by her neck. Get ready to die! Tara Bai knows it well that she will get her death penalty by saving her son and brother. Get me out of here or die. DB cannot help her. I will take care of your family for life if you accept your crime. Tara Bai has no family. She loves only herself. She holds DB’s neck once again. DB agrees to help her.

Ajabde is disturbed thinking about the proximity between Phool and Pratap. Pratap holds her hand. Will you tie me a turban this way? She apologizes to him. my attention was diverted. He wants to know more about it but a daasi comes to tell Pratap that there is some problem in the palace. Come soon. Pratap leaves right away.

Tara Bai, Jagmal and Raimal have kept a dagger on DB’s neck. They warn everyone to step back. Pratap tells them to stop.

Precap: DB gives Pratap his father’s letter. Pratap is shocked to read it. In the courtroom, Acharya asks Pratap to give the toughest punishment to Jagmal and Raimal. Pratap sits all quiet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. thanks for the written updates…missed last few episodes..

    thye can expose dheerbai easily…i want to see administration of maharana….please writers show us some real history also with the kitchen politics… is good..but be more balanced..

    for history lovers….here is information about wives and children of maharana pratap..the real legend….this is from records of mewar family..

  2. I feel the letter Which dheerbai gave pratap saying it is uday singh’s letter given to pratap is fake dheerbai only must have written this letter on behalf of pratap to emotionally blackmail him inorder to save her son(jagmal) and brother(raimal) because she is well aware that family is pratap’s weakpoint especially udai singh

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