Maharana Pratap 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 15th October 2013 Written Update

Jalal says that if his strategy of divide n rule fails, he’ll surely get back to his methods, BK ask wats the need of new strategies, jalal says that he’s a king he need to try new things, BK gets agree.

Other side, US told rawat that they need to build new capital, they knws that mughals hv thr eye on them n in that case thy can attack them anytime n then chittod is not the safest place for them, they need a capital where they have natural guards like water n mountain, etc, rawat agrees. In delhi, jalal n BK founds the weekest of all among rajputana, n its bundi.

Other side, bundi king, rao surtan, was taking tax from villagers, a villager pleads him for forgiving his tax, n he did, they greet him but he says he want sumthng in return n ask for thr daughter, thy say thy dnt have any but he search her n forcefully take her.

In palace, US told bhatyani that he dnt want to live here anymore, the memories of thr luved ones disturb him here, bhatyani ask where thy’ll go, he told that thy r gng to visit the old capital n then to the temple of eklingji, she was not that happy but says that she want to go with him.

US n bhatyani soon leaves from thr n on other side in cottage, pratap was trying to tell jaiwanta the truth but dnt able to, she guessed it n says he has gone out last nite, before he can told anythng, villagers came thr greeting him in loud voice, jaiwanta ask him wat he did this tym, n on other side, n thr way US n bhatyani hear that n she got disturb.

Villagers were celebrating, they says that he’s thr real king, jaiwanta came out n ask them to stop it n says that he has not killed any tiger, sum1 else it, but villagers dnt believe it n at the same time US n bhatyani arrives, pratap got happy n greets them, he ask them if thy were gng sumwhere, he says yes n taunt jaiwanta indirectly.

He then ask wats gng on here n villagers told that he killed a tiger, US ask pratap n he says yes n US says that he’s the natural king, bhatyani stares jaiwanta.

Precap: Jaiwanta ask pratap to choose between her n his duties.

Update Credit to: Amor

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