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Pratap tells Khetu that their every move can change the present and future of Rajputana. Tell me, can I trust your words? Khetu nods. Acharya declares that they will free Raja Jaimal at night only.

Raja Jaimal tells PM not to spare him alive. I promise I will cut you in pieces if you leave me alive. PM says Shehanshah has given you one last chance. would you accept his proposal? Raja Jaimal laughs at him and then spits. PM tells the soldiers to make preps. If Raja Jaimal is not going to change his decision then he should be punished with death penalty.

US understand Akbar now. He wanted to ascertain the capability of our soldiers so he sent his one soldier here. Now he will take this Peepal tree as the border point (till where he can come and be stress free of much damage to his army).

He knows that it will be dangerous for him if he makes any further move in our direction. One of his commander points out that the current deployed soldier will be tired by the morning after all the fighting. We will have to make the next lot ready by then. US nods. Rawat ji has gone to arrange for more soldiers for the same. He will be here soon. Amar Singh comes there, wanting to see his enemy (army). US gives him the telescope. Amar Singh realises that Akbar’s army is too huge and we are very few. US explains that they have the advantage height (of the palace being built over a hill). If they come out in the open to challenge us then they will all be killed like that one soldier. Amar wonders why Akbar has come here then when he knows that he can die in the process. US too is thinking on the same lines. Akbar surely has some plan up his sleeves to defeat us. But I don’t know what that is!

At night, Akbar’s commanders ask him what is going on in his mind. We cannot stay here for long (right outside CHittor’s palace). We don’t have that much food / water for our army of 3k soldiers. Akbar does not want to answer any such question as of now. The commanders nod. A random soldier too wonders over the situation. I feel he too is worried over something. We should attack on the palace instead of waiting here. We Muhgals have done it in the past too. We also know that Pratap is not in the palace at the moment. It will be a very good idea to attack at the Palace right now. The commander points out that only their Shehanshah has a right to take any decision. You too have to wait just like us for Shehanshah’s orders.

The herbs are supposed to shine in the moonlight. It is cloudy so Pratap and his fellowmen wait for the moon to come out. They don’t have much time. Chakrapani is restless / unsure of the entire situation. We should attack from the front. Any two of us will engage in a fight with them while you can climb over the wall and enter inside. Khetu says this is a very dangerous plan. They will attack you with n number of arrows if they realise that someone is trying to climb the wall. The plan will be over in minutes. Acharya agrees. We should trust her and wait for a little while longer. Such herbs are actually there which shine in the moonlight. Pratap too agrees to wait. I am sure God will only support the right people. PM is instructing the soldiers to make all the necessary preps for Jaimal’s execution. The rope should be tight and strong. Pratap is waiting anxiously for the moon to come out of the clouds so he can darken Akbar’s future.

Akbar hears his own (inner) voice. You are a cheater. You have no plan. You will have to face defeat. He looks around but cannot see anyone. A guy in a hoodie walks inside. I am the truth. I have come here to warn you. you will surely lose if you will continue this way. Akbar insists that no one has a right to suggest him anything. The commander and the very same soldier hear his voice. The soldier is concerned but the commander stops him. the hoodie guy tells Akbar that he has walked up till here with no concrete plan. You have put the lives of all the soldiers in risk. Pratap will defeat you and get a hold of everything. He laughs. Akbar retorts that Pratap cannot do anything. I will defeat Pratap in this war if I find out that spy of Chittor. The hoodie guy continues to laugh at him. Akbar attacks him with his sword but it is just his imagination.

Jagmal refuses to eat food. Akbar is waiting outside at the door. he can attack on us anytime. Either he will make us his slave or he will kill all of us. DB has full faith in the brave warriors of Chittor. No one can get past the main gates of Chittor or this palace. Jagmal is sure Akbar has some plan. He will surely attack us. VB says Pratap must be on his way. Akbar knows that he cannot defeat Pratap. Jagmal is irked that Pratap is the solution of every problem. He is always away when he is needed the most. DB, Ajabde request him to talk positive as it will affect Amar Singh. Jagmal tells Amar Singh that everything is going wrong. It is all because of father and Dada bhai. Amar Singh vouches for his father and grandfather. Don’t talk about them with disrespect. Ajabde tells him not to talk to elders this way. Amar Singh immediately apologizes to Jagmal. My father has taught me that we should not blame anyone when there is a problem. We should face / fight it bravely. Jagmal talks about Akbar’s bigger army. You should make preps for your Jauhar. DB slaps him. Amar Singh goes to US’s room. Jagmal is sure his words will come out to be true. DB will still be proud of her husband and Pratap. I will be happy that they sacrificed their lives happily for motherland. You dint even think of going in the battlefield to face your enemy even once. There is no difference between you and Akbar in my point of view. Neither of you have fought any war but talk as if you know everything about politics. Go away from here. Jagmal leaves. DB assures Ajabde that their future is in very safe hands. Nothing will happen. I promise you that Akbar is nothing in front of Rana ji and Pratap. We must not think anything negative. Pratap will be back soon.

Rann Singh is at an inn. A man informs the owner that Mughal soldiers are waiting outside. They ask him if any person came here since morning. The owner declines but the soldier notices a horse drinking water hastily. He beats the man badly. The horse is so thirsty. Someone is surely here. He instructs his other soldiers to check all the people staying here. The informer is here only. Soldiers ask everyone about the horse. Rann Singh declines. he begins to go out when the letter falls. He fights with the soldiers and is successful in running away. the soldiers too run after him. he reaches a place where people are sitting in front of a bonfire. He covers his clothes with a blanket kept nearby and sits with them. Mughal soldiers reach there too.

Raja Jaimal is brought at the place of execution. Outside, the moon comes out of the clouds. Everyone waits patiently for the herbs to shine. PM yet again asks Raja Jaimal if he has changed his mind but Raja Jaimal stays put. Epi ends on the split screen of Pratap and Raja Jaimal.

Precap: Rann Singh tries to escape in a bullock cart but a Mughal soldier stops the cart. Mughal soldiers catch hold of Khetu again. one of the soldiers slaps her and she falls on the ground. Blood comes out of her mouth.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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