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Pratap attacks him but Akbar brings forward another soldier who dies in the process. More soldiers gather around them. Pratap escapes from there. He makes a small blast. A few soldiers die in the process while the others look shaken. Pratap has freed Shakti in the meantime. The soldiers chase the brothers. Akbar screams Pratap angrily. The brothers reach near a balcony. They think of jumping off from there. Pratap signals Chetak. They jump down from there. Pratap wants to give a signal to his friends and also teach a lesson to Akbar. He throws the Mewar flag high up in the air. It lands right atop the palace. Pratap’s rest of the team joins him. Maan Singh deploys his men to shoot the cannons. Chandrasen complains to Shakti Singh that he couldn’t do his work properly. They will fail now.

Shakti does not reply. The soldiers load the cannons but they burst there only. Maan Singh looks on shocked whereas Pratap and everyone smile in relief. Maan Singh orders his soldiers to catch hold of everyone. Pratap escapes. Acharya drops a torch near the main gate. It creates a blast because of which the men escape easily.

Rani Durgawati tells the servants to keep the food ready. She might not have eaten since so long. Ajabde tells her not to worry so much. You can hug your sister as soon as she enters. Pratap enters just then. Rani Durgawati runs to hug her sister. Next she does Pratap’s aarti. This is the reason why all sisters of the world believe so much in this day (Rakshabandhan). There are brothers like you all who are making us sisters believe that you will not even back down from sacrificing your life for them. The men ask for food as they are hungry. Everyone smiles. Rani Durgawati says now I will make you eat so much that you wont think of food till your next mission!

Akbar has arranged his army. We will leave in the morning itself. We wont stop till we reach Udaipur. We wont leave anyone alive. We will teach Pratap a lesson. We will show him that we wont spare him or anyone like we did in Mewar! Salima supports him. You are doing the right thing by teaching these Rajputs a lesson. He tells her that he does not need a suggestion from any of his wives in political matters. He finds Heer Bai silent. She reminds him of his words that he had just said to Salima. She says I listen to my heart. It tells me that you are lowering yourself by attacking Rajputs on such a small issue. Akbar raises his hand to slap her but stops.

Pratap thinks of returning to Udaipur now. Father isn’t well. Plus there is no one there who can take care of Udaipur. Shakti still refuses to call Udaipur his home. It is only Rana US’s house. Pratap slaps him. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking like that! Shakti stays put. Neither is Udaipur my home nor is father my father! No one can change this truth. Ajabde stops Pratap from reacting. She turns to Shakti. We all know what has happened with you in the past. Everyone has changed over time. You cannot even imagine father’s plight. He is on bed. He only wants his family to be around him at this point of time of life. Vaid ji has already said that there is no cure now. Amar adds that his grandfather used to tell him stories of a brave stranger. Now I know that that stranger was you! Shakti asks him why he thinks so. Amar says he used to say that he could do anything to bring that stranger back in the house. But that stranger is upset with me. Shakti is in tears. Pratap too requests him brother to come home with him. I need you.

HB says you kidnapped Pratap’s sister. What do you expect from him? Any Rajput brother does it for his sister. He came in to free his sister and he limited himself to that only. He too could have done a lot of damage here. You can attack him but what will other Rajputs think of you? Does it suit Shehan Shah-e-hind to fight against a Rajput for such a small reason? You may fall in the eyes of other Rajputs? Salima too thinks that she is talking sense. Akbar asks for a solution. Salima advises him to marry someone from Marwar too. Mewar’s relations have always been sour with them. Akbar thinks of Phool Kanwar. Poor Pratap will be left alone that ways. Salima picks up a rose from a nearby vase. I know you like Phool Kanwar a lot already. Akbar takes the rose from her as he thinks of Phool.

Akbar comes to a room. He unveils the painting of Phool that is still kept there. He thinks of the past. In the end, he remembers her harsh words. It’s been so many years but I still haven’t forgotten you. I still couldn’t forgive Pratap for separating me from you. But I will make you mine! Pratap will have to pay for his mistakes I promise!

Precap: Maan Singh tells Ram Singh ji that Akbar is very angry with Marwar for whatever happened. Ram Singh requests him to save Marwar somehow. Maan Singh says only one thing can save Marwar now – make him marry Phool. Chandrasen informs it to Pratap and Ajabde too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tnx Pooja.i ff this serial but this Akbar is so laid back n cowardly sits n gv instructions lol…not lk the Jalal Akbar frm JodahAkbar????
    As for Pratap love his ferosisness n bravery.mwah.
    oh god pls dnt let dat akbar marry Phool shes so beautiful n he sosoo neh

  2. Pratap has married phool not akbar phool was pratap 6th wife as per history

  3. This akbar is completely different from jodha akbars serial akbar.
    here Salima begum is also shown rud.

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