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Akbar wants to see his Nishan-e-Mughalia. A few soldiers bend down to follow his order. He wants to see it at the topmost point of this palace. Pratap’s friends look worriedly at one another as they notice Akbar and Bairam Khan approaching it. Akbar orders his soldier to remove the cloth from Nishan-e-Mughalia. Pratap and Rawat ji have moved away and are hiding at a distance in some containers. Flashback is shown where his friends had first opened another side’s door which helped them in exiting safely. Bairam Khan agrees to keep it at its rightful place. You should go and rest now as we have to leave for Agra tomorrow. Akbar senses that he looks worried for some reason. Indeed Bairam Khan is worried as Akbar has played such a nasty joke with Pratap’s mom. He doesn’t tell it to him though.

Akbar leaves for his room.

Pratap watches him go from his hiding place. Bairam Khan asks his soldiers about the big containers (Pratap and Rawat ji are inside it). he is told that these are containers of grains which will go to Agra with Shehan-Shah. He tells them to move them away. I cannot even see if anyone is hiding behind it. I want high security arrangements so that even a bird cannot even come here. Prataps’s friends move then to help Pratap in shifting his place.

Mamrak ji and Uday Singh are heading towards Alwar palace with their small army. They are surprised to find some Mewar soldiers in front of the temple. Mamrak ji gets down to check.

Pratap wants to go after Akbar right now or it will become difficult for them to track him down afterwards. Rawat ji tells him to wait for a while but Pratap doesn’t want them both to go in together as there are more chances to be caught in that scenario. Plus if we lose him now then we will have to find Haji Khan first and then try to search for him. He runs off even though Rawat ji tries to stop him.

Bairam Khan is in no mood to rest until they reach Agra. We must leave asap. He instructs his soldiers to take the Nishan-e-Mughalia inside. They oblige but then he notices some spots on the ground which makes him suspicious.

Akbar is walking with two of his men. Pratap is following him at a distance. He feels something and turns to check as well. Pratap is heading there only while Akbar returns to check if someone is indeed following him or not. pratap hides in time. Akbar’s men ask him if there is something but he assures them about it. Rawat ji is shown to be holding onto Pratap. Think before you act. I know he has insulted your Rani Ma but it isn’t intelligence to fight him head on like this. Every corner of this palace is monitored by guards. Rawat ji wants Pratap to find another way to reach to Akbar’s room which is less dangerous for him. I think your earlier plan was perfect for it. we must find Haji Khan first and then head to Akbar’s room with the info provided by him. Pratap agrees to go out with him. Rawat ji wants to find all his friends first. He heads out for this mission.

Bairam Khan finds some sand on Nishan-e-Mughalia. When it was covered then how can there be sand on it? I had seen fear in the eyes of the soldier who was managing the reins of the carriage. He wants to see him asap.

Uday Singh is surprised to know that Mewar Rani’s are here in this temple. The soldiers are here to protect them. Mamrak ji knows that this is Marwar’s Kuldevi’s temple. I think Rani’s from Mewar have joined the Rani’s from Marwar to pray for the wellbeing of everyone. Uday Singh is all praises for these women. We took so much time to make peace and these ladies here have been doing this much before that. He goes inside.

Uday Singh calls out for JB. All the Rani’s are relieved to see him safe. DB wants to go meet him but JB goes first. All the ladies look on as they hug. He has been worried for her. She tells him to stop Pratap. He has left for Alwar’s palace. He assures her he is going after him only. JB is surprised to see Mamrak ji. She recalls what all happened at their palace and apologizes to him. He is only concerned about Pratap’s safety. You all should reach Chittor asap as it is unsafe for you all to stay here in these circumstances. He tells them that the war between Mewar and Marwar is over. we have joined hands to fight against those Mughals. He also wants Rani’s from Marwar to leave with their soldiers. He turns to go but but VB stops him. she gives him Devi Ma’s kumkum. You are going to fight against such a big enemy and I have full faith that it will protect you all the time. She is about to apply a tika when DB stops her. JB doesn’t want her to interrupt her in tilak. DB stopped her as she wanted her ritual to continue. Elder Rani does tilak always. But JB tells her to do it. VB is auspicious. I was unconscious. She brought me back to my sense. VB does Uday Singh’s tilak. He leaves with Mamrak ji.

The soldier of the carriage’s reins has been called by Bairam Khan. He goes away at the pretext of feeding water to his horse. He is super worried thinking what if he gets to know everything that happened on the way to here. He notices Rawat ji who kills him as they cannot be exposed. Bairam Khan comes there and tells his soldiers to look around. they find that soldier’s body. Bairam Khan is worried / upset at the lapse in security. He wants to tighten the security around Jalal’s room and in every corner of the palace.

Pratap has decided the plan of action. Rawat ji tells him about him killing Pasha. Pratap cannot stop now. We must enter inside before Bairam Khan gets to know anything. Pratap guides everyone what they are supposed to do. Bairam Khan comes there and finds that corner empty. Anyone can come from here. I want full security in this corner or I wont spare anyone. Rawat ji realises that they can neither move back nor move ahead now. They are stuck.

Precap: Pratap and his friends kill all the Mughal soldiers who are guarding Haji Khan’s cell. Pratap frees him assuring him that now he wont have to bear any other problem. Bairam Khan is shown to be heading there only. He wants him to confess that he is behind all this. I wont leave him today. Pratap and Haji Khan sense someone approaching towards them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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