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Pratap asks his mother about her decision. You cannot go. She insists that this is her destiny. Just like you have to guard and rule on this state. He reasons that he needs her. She says that she had left him even when he was a small kid. You were all grown up when I returned. You had become smart and capable to handle any situation in life. You wavered for a while in between and I came to support you. Now you are on your feet. You don’t need me. He asks her what if he wavers from his path once again. She has faith in him. It will never happen again. You have all that you need to move ahead in life. I know everyone will call be wrong to leave you in this situation but I know that you will get out of this situation easily. You will be stronger than now. I know you will never break my trust.

He is in tears as he shakes his head. I wont break your trust. I have one last request. He keeps his head on her lap. They both are in tears. He thinks of the times when he used to sleep in her lap in his childhood.

Next morning, Amar tries to stop his Badi Dadi Ma when she is walking out of the palace. JB asks the daasi’s to distribute her ornaments amongst all of them. Amar wants her to spend more time with him. You have to do my tilak and bless me when I return from my first fight. She says I am not immortal. I will always be with you. You will never miss me. I will always be in your heart. Ajabde takes Amar to her side. Phool touches JB’s feet. JB assures her that she does not have to worry about anything. This family is yours now. Ajabde too touches her feet. JB asks her to always remember her words. Pratap too seeks her blessings. JB leaves. Everyone is in tears to see her leave. Chundavat ji reminds Pratap that he will have to go hunting now. Pratap agrees to give utmost importance to raj dharma. Let us go.

Akbar is all set to fight with Mirza. There will be no survivors from the opponents’ side. Everyone should be killed. Whoever supports Pratap in this Haldi Ghaati fight, will be finished. There will be no mercy on anyone. We have to catch only Hakim Khan alive.

Maan Singh Bhala meets Pratap. I have heard a lot about you. You look so much alike me. A few touch-ups and you will look exactly like me. They all leave together.

One of Mirza’s soldiers notices the approaching Mughal army. He updates Mirza on the same. They are approx 10k in number and with so many elephants, etc. Mirza gets scared. Let’s join hands with Akbar. Hakim Khan refuses to do anything like that. It will be of no good. He will not sit quietly until he destroys you. It will be better to fight them bravely. I am with you. Mirza says I am not as strong as you. I only want to try once to postpone the approaching destruction. Hakim Khan agrees to give him one chance.

Chundavat ji asks Maan Singh Bhala to follow Pratap as his shadow. He was attacked yesterday itself. He even refused to let the soldiers come with us today. We cannot put his life in risk. Maan Singh Bhala assures him that no one will be able to hurt Rana ji. Tara Bai aims her arrow at Pratap.

Akbar is listening to music when Mirza steps forward to talk to him about peace. Hakim Khan looks on from a distance. Akbar is listening to the music that is from Afghanistan, Mirza’s land. I asked my men to do something so our name gets inked on it. Mirza comes to the point. I dint intend to go against you by supporting with Pratap. I will not even interrupt you from doing anything that you do to Pratap. Akbar nods. I like this place very much. I want all of it. Mirza is stunned. Hakim Khan hears a scream. Mughal soldiers laugh as one of them holds the head of Mirza. Hakim Khan gets furious.

Pratap asks everyone to spread around so the animals don’t run away. Alert others when you see the wild pigs coming your way. Chetak neighs. Pratap calms him down. I know you can sense it too but we have to be quiet. He notices the pig and takes aim. Someone else attacks him and kills him. It turns out to be Maan Singh Bhala. Pratap and Maan Singh hear the sound of another pig. Pratap leaves to find out the source of the noise. MAan Singh follows him on foot. It was Tara Bai who was making that noise. Pratap spots another pig and goes deep inside the jungle. He turns and finds Amar standing behind him. How did you come here without my permission? Amar wants to learn it so he came here. I know you wouldn’t have allowed me. Pratap reasons that wild pigs are very dangerous. Even biggies cannot face it. He shoots one arrow at the pig but it still runs and hits him on his leg. Amar apologizes to his father for he got hurt because of him. He runs to bring herbs for his father. Tara Bai aims at Pratap but Pratap ducks in time. He notices that the tree has turned blue. It was poisonous. He notices the end of the arrow. Pratap rushes to Amar’s side as he notices the arrow coming his way. While saving him, he gets hurt. Tara Bai’s arrow hits Pratap in his hand. Tara Bai shoots again. Maan Singh hits it with his sword. Maan Singh goes to look for the culprit but Tara Bai leaves. Maan Singh notices that his lips have turned blue. Amar shouts as his father gets unconscious.

Precap: Chundavat ji wants to send someone to summon the Raj Vaid but Maan Singh BHala reasons that they don’t have that much time. Amar follows Tara Bai. She runs to save herself. I don’t want to kill this kid but now I don’t think I have any other option. A soldier informs Ajabde and Phool about the incident. The poison has spread in his body.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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