Maharana Pratap 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap fighting with the soldiers. Badshah Khan thinks about his dad Shams Khan’s words how he has described Pratap. He realizes that this is Maharana Pratap. Ajabde comes there and sees Pratap fighting with the soldiers. Shams Khan says Pratap hates his enemies and loves his people. He will safeguard his people and stand infront of his people. Pratap does not hurt anyone. Shams Khan has praised Pratap a lot. Badshah Khan recalls all his words and is shocked seeing Pratap. Pratap wins over all the soldiers and comes to Patta. He throws the sword and smiles. He shows Patta to see all of them fallen on the ground.

Patta smiles and nods yes. Parwat Singh says no blood drop from any soldier. Badshah Khan says as they are his people, he is Mewar’s Kunwar Pratap.

Parwat Singh is shocked. Badshah Khan says lets go, we have much work to do. All the soldiers stand up. Ajabde asks Patta whats all this. Patta is shocked and says listen to me once. She walks to Pratap in anger. He tells Pratap how dare he attack his own soldiers, being their minister. Patta says listen to me. Ajabde says stop it, how did Patta now stop Pratap after hurting them. She says if you have respect for me, stay quiet.

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She says swear on me, stop it. Pratap says atleast hear to me. She says you have proved you are like Chittor people, I made mistake trusting you, and I will rectify it today. She takes out the sword and takes attacking him. She says you lost the right to talk to me, they are my soldiers and you attacked them. He says your soldiers? She says I made you minister, it does not mean I gave you this right. He says you made me minister? She says yes, its my mistake. He looks at her shocked and thinks about her words, not expressing her identity.

They have a sword fight. He says I don’t understand, we should talk. He calls him a traitor. He gets angry. She scolds him for cheating her. Pratap throws the sword and says enough. Parwat Singh asks Badshah Khan whats in his mind. Badshah Khan says Pratap….I was 10 years old and I have just one desire to kill Pratap, like he has killed my dad. He says I want not to make any mistake and the plan should be perfect. Pratap says how dare you say this. She says what did you say and raises sword. He holds the sword and his hand bleeds. She asks him to leave. He says who are you to ask me to leave.

She says I m the one who has always saved my people, Bai ji Lal. Pratap is shocked. Pratap thinks about their moments. He thinks about his marriage with Ajabde and Dheer Bai saying Ajabde has gone somewhere leaving the palace. He thinks he hates Ajabde and his love has died. He pushes the sword and starts leaving with hatred in his eyes. Patta asks him to stop. Parwat Singh/Das asks Badshah Khan how does he identity Pratap, when Ajabde and Pratap did not identify each other being husband and wife. Badshah Khan says enemies more each other more than lovers. He says he has a plan ready.

The horse owner asks Pratap to see the horse once. Pratap says he is also like people here. The horse owner says he is not getting calm, maybe he wish to spend time with you. Pratap leaves on the other horse. The horse owner tells him that he will sell him finding the best buyer for him, we can go to other fair also. The horse gets restless and the man does not understand his behavior. He says I m fed up, calm down now. He says I thought I will make your future good, but I think you want to go to that man, fine, tell that minister, that Lord has chosen you for him, go and find him, my best wishes are with you, take care. He kisses the horse and frees him. The horse runs towards Pratap.

Badshah Khan tells his plan to Parwat Singh, that he will use his soldiers who will dress in such clothes so that they can’t be seen from far. He says now Pratap is infront of my eyes, so I will focus on him. He says he has learnt from his dad, that killing a tiger in his area is impossible, and when a tiger is brought out of his place, its gets easier. He says my dad did this mistake, but I will make Pratap come in my place. He says I will use Pratap’s love for his wife, to succeed in my hatred against him. They see Ajabde passing by riding the horse. Parwat Singh says two shots in one arrow, Pratap and Bai ji Lal’s death. Badshah Khan says great, I will kidnap her and make Pratap come to my place. Pratap asks Chakrapani to pack the bag, as they are leaving. Chakrapani says why, what about the promise given to Patta’s Jija. Pratap says she is Bai ji lal Ajabde. She says Patta and she has cheated me, always cheat, she is an idol of cheat and deceive.

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