Maharana Pratap 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 13th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Sajja and JB discussion. Sajja says, why are you not getting ready? JB says, i was just telling the recipe of sweets. Sajja says, leave it, we will do it. I will dressed up you by my own. DB’s dassi gives information about JB to DB then DB open a box in which a scorpin comes out. JB and sajja moves from that way. Scorpion climb on dress.
Jalim khan’s soldier tell about pratap. Pratap thinks about his friends flashback. Purohit says, God knows where is your friend. Sajja says to her dassi to bring perfume and flowers for JB and herself goes for taking perfume. As she turned around, JB sees scorpion on her back. She run to throw it, unfortunately she fell down. Sajja cries and feels so guilty and says, i spoiled your special day. Dassi comes and says,

i brought gajra and perfume. Sajja shouts on her. JB says, sajja you go in front of rana ji.
Jalim tried to kill pratap but pratap defense himself and says, go in your khema but jalim singh didnt understand then pratap beat him. Jb says to sajja, dont you feel that rana ji will love you and in heart, you love ranaji. Darban comes and says, is this man trying to disturb you. Pratap says, no. Jalim singh says, now i know why will i am so angry when i see you. Pratap says, first of all we will fight together for our upcoming enemy.
Jalal stops his horse and says, i forget my symbol. Tansen and shamsuddin says, now it is dangerous for us to go back.
Bhuvan and ajabdehi chat with each other about pratap. Bhuvan give bad complements about pratap and ajabdehi gives good complement about pratap. Bhuvan says, i want to see kunwar pratap, i had heard about him so much.
sajja says, how will i go in front of ranaji. I am so frightened. JB says, pick your mangalsutra, it will give you energy to face him.
Bhuvan moves towards pratap kheme, but jalim singh stops her. Bhuvan says, i want to see pratap. Jalim says, i cant allow you to see him. if you will go to face him then i will tell your father about it.
Uday singh wait for Jb, Sajja enters into the room. Uday singh says, come JB, i was waiting for alot. Uday singh put up the ghungat and says, sajja baiji, why are you present here. Uday singh then close the door and Jb present outside the door.
Bhuvan tries to wake up ajabdehi and says, i am very excited to see pratap. My marwar is more stronger than there mewar and if you want to go sleep then ok sleep well.
Pratap gives thanks to raj purohit ji and says, take that statue with you. Pratap see the necklace and raj purohit says, wear it, it is blessing of ek ling ji.
JB waits for sajja. sajja says, i didnt sleep whole night. we talk with each other. i am very happy now. i am very thankful to you. We all are ranis of him but he really loves you alot. Jb hug sajja. Uday singh passes smile and moved away.
Ajabdehi wake up and finds that bhuvan is not there. Bhuvan goess to pratap kheme but nobody is present here.
Bhuvan see the mewar troop going with pratap then saym oh shit i didnt meet with pratap. Ajabdehi says, now i know why didnt sleep whole night. Everybody gives slogan of jalal. Bahram khan says sorry to jalal and says, please give one chance to correct my mistake. I promise you that i will not only arrest pratap but also kill him.
Jalal says, i am very tired talk you later. Take it carefully. Bahram khan says, take a look why is it very precious for jalal. Manga came and says, i think your later life will run only behind jalal. Bahram khan says, i think you didnt heard jalal, he wants some time to think. Manga says, and you trust him. Bahram khan follows jalal.
Pratap stops his soldier and says, you all take rest. I want to give surprise to hansa aunty. Bahram khan follows jalal. Jalal says, stop saying me jalal and follow my decision. Jalal see the poto of his and his friend. Bahram khan says, my blood is boiling to kill pratap. Jalal says, if i was in your case then i will kill pratap otherwise kill himself. Soldiers stop bahram khan and jalal moves away.
Pratap moves towards bijolia and he didnt get the way. Here hansa welcomes bhuvan and ajab dehi hide. Bhuvan says, first of all i want to meet with rao ji then you will welcome me.
Hansa see ajabdehi and says, daughter are you there. Hansa hug her. Hansa says, i am waiting for you for that day that i will welcome you as same as i did for bhuvan. Ajabdehi says, you know that it is not possible. hansa says, go and take blessing from your papa. Ajabdehi frightened. Hansa says, if you will not go and take blessings from him otherwise he will be angry. Dassi tell that we have completed all the preparation for pratap welcome. Pratap gets the bijolia fort.

Precap:- Pratap meet with both of the ranis and here manga filled jalal ears and jalal says, now i will kill pratap because now its personal.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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