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Pratap brings IK to a safe place and tells him nothing will happen. IK says their company was till here only. It’s sad that they couldn’t finish the war, but asks him he saw how Mughals ran away. They just know how to cheat and don’t know how to accept people and hence they should never get the land. Pratap says they won’t get it. IK says they had decided to party together, but that didn’t had to happen. Pratap says why not. Other hand, Ajabdee is visiting injured soldiers and there she gets news about IK getting shot. She rushes to him and is sad to see IK like that. She recalls IK telling her that he will always protect Pratap which he did. Food comes and Pratap feeds IK. Moments later, he passes out.

Pratap announces that IK proved relationship is not by religion. It’s by trust, friendship. He orders to do funerals of all soldiers including Mughal’s according to their religion.

A Mughal soldier is asked to aim a cannon where Rajputs are, but soldier says he can’t do that when he sees Rajputs are picking up Mughal soldiers’ bodies as well. Akbar says let them do funerals of all soldiers, then they will attack.

Funeral of all soldiers who lost their lives take place. Pratap gives fire to IK’s body.

Pratap calls a meeting where he says, knowing their situation, Mughals will attack again. They now only have one option which is Saka – giving up their lives fighting. Patta suggests Pratap to run away to a safe place so even after they lose tomorrow, there is someone who can fight again. If there is anyone who can gather troops to fight, then it’s Pratap. Everyone opposes his idea including Pratap. Later, some support Patta’s idea, but Pratap still doesn’t agree. He says he won’t run away like a coward. He will fight and if he has to die, he will accept his death smiling while fighting for his mother land.

Precap: Pratap declares they will attack after sunrise and they will show Mughals what Rajputs can do when they have to fight for their mother land. Other hand, Akbar decides to win Chittor tomorrow itself. Jaimal and Patta plan to do something to stop Pratap from giving up his life.

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  1. Mogul record of Jauhar of Rajput Women & Saka of Rajput Warriors at 3rd Siege of Chittor(1567-68) + Mughal Victory followed by Massacre of Rajput Civilians | Battle of Chittor Part-5 | With Portraits from Akbarnama & personal pictures of Chittor Fort

    Just reading the accounts of the war, even from one side only, makes our hearts beat faster and sends shivers of horror down our spine. The ferocity of the war in which man and beast alike were willing to kill and be killed for their cause, can only be imagined faintly.

    300 armoured trained Mughal War Elephants were let loose in the Fort in addition to the 60,000+ Mughal army fighting the force of 8000 Rajputs.

    The post recounts how Rajput warriors like Isar Das Chauhan and others singly fought these trained armoured war elephants…This was more like a man versus beast scenario.!

    The heroic exploits of Patta, Kalla, Jaimal, etc.. are recorded in these Mughal accounts. The Rajputs were glorious even in the defeat.

    Akbar recalls an incident where a chivalrous Rajput asked him to fight, and Akbar , though managed to kill this soldier, was amazed at the fighting spirit of this person, and tried his best to know who this brave man was, but he could not.

    The Rajputnis were not behind. The post recalls the horrors which the Rajputnis endeared in this war. Some of them died fighting the Mughal forces, some preferred Jauhar. Not giving those details here. Certain things can not be mentioned. They are present in the post.

    “The Rajput garrison was in sore distress, and ready to succumb, but no one proposed surrender to the Emperor.

    The Emperor had determined that he would capture by storm this Chittor – the strongest fortress of Hindustan, so that in future no other fortress should DARE to resist our Imperial army.”

    A unprecendented carnage ordered by Akbar after winning the battle..

    We, who live in modern times, can hardly understand the emotions that must have run high in both the Mughals and the Rajputs during the course of the battle.

  2. Sandeep Singh

    We certainly cannot fully comprehend the emotions of harassed rajputs/rajputanis at the time of this siege nor can we understand the emotions of Akbar driven by ISIS like Islamic mentality in this carnage, whatever the priorities of IK were. It is written record that Akbar assumed the Islamic title of Ghazi- the slayer of kafirs after this battle, so keeping religion completely aside in displaying Akbar in this serial is exactly like turning away from the bitter truth rather than accepting it.

  3. History and wars gives goose bumps. In the book i read maharana pratap had nine wife before he died

  4. Where is the written update for 14th July 2015?

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