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Raimal fakes love for Pratap. He is so good which is why he deserves everything good. But Jagmal looks so lost. I have noticed it that no one takes care of him. DB says there are many people here to do that. Probably you can help him by teaching him something about court. She doesn’t let him talk and indirectly hints that it is time rana ji should rest. He leaves. US asks DB about it. DB says Raimal is Jagmal’s uncle so he will obviously be attached to him.

JB cries in JB’s lap. I missed you a lot. JB reasons that she was never far from them. JB says DB and I are poles apart. I could never inculcate love in rana ji’s mind. I am no more than a Daasi in his eyes. I think even a daasi’s fate is better than me. She can atleast expect to receive good words or gift when she does

something good. I cannot expect anything from him. JB suggests her to keep doing her good work without expecting anything. You should take care of your husband whether you get anything in return or not. Rana ji will understand your value one day. VB asks her if it is possible. Will DB let it happen? JB tells her not to pay heed to anything or anyone. Kanha ji will handle everything. VB agrees to abide by her words. They share a hug.

Raimal is playing chess. He has already defeated his opponent. I have already sown a seed in Rana ji’s mind. It will keep him occupied and Pratap will be out of the game. His servant smiles at the idea. Think that you started the game, played a move, defeated your opponent and won! This is dumbness. How can we think of announcing ourselves as victor without knowing about how capable our enemy is! Raimal is sure everyone is already at his side except Pratap. DB brings Jagmal there. I know what’s going on between uncle-nephew duo. Raimal tries to explain things to her but she advises him to stay in his limit. Stay here as a guest. She leaves.

Pratap feeds water to his father. US knows that it is a very important day for him today while he is here taking care of his ailing father. Pratap replies that he is doing everything for him only. Pratap tells his father what all he has thought about the event. When they will participate together then their anger will turn into friendship. I will propose uniting Rajputana also. The result is up to Ekling ji! US applauds him.

Jagmal points out that he always gets to hear this scolding from rani Ma but she dint even spare you. She did so only because of that Pratap. He gives me orders. He wants me to handle all the preps. Why should I do it? Am I his servant? I should not be talking to you actually. Raimal tells him to do what Pratap has asked him to. I will get my sister’s mind back on the track. The shooting competition is the one where Pratap is going to talk about unity in Rajputana, right? Jagmal nods. Raimal says I have come to fail this very plan of his. My nephew will become Maharana! Maharana Jagmal! Jagmal starts hearing people cheering for him.

US is curious to know who is going to take part on their city’s behalf. Who is he? How capable is he? How are you so sure that he only will win it? Pratap assures him that he wont regret it. I have chosen the best person and I am sure he only will win. Please don’t make me tell you his name. He seeks his father’s blessings before leaving. US seeks Ekling ji’s blessings for his son as it is the most important mission of his life till date.

Pratap gives instructions to the servants. Our guests are highly esteemed. We don’t know them so well but we have to welcome them with open hearts. JB says Ajabde and I have made all the preps. Ajabde says don’t say it so surely. If anything goes wrong tomorrow then we will be blamed. Pratap has faith on Ajabde. You can set anything right. They share an eye lock. Amar too wants to take part in the competition. When a woman (Rani Durgawati) can take part in it then why can’t I? Pratap replies that we often forget to write about women while writing history. She is no less than a brave warrior. She alone kept that Mughal at bay and dint let him enter in her fort. Amar understands that he can get to learn a lot from all of them. Even CK is excited to meet Rani Durgawati. A courtesan is not so hopeful that more guests will come. Right then a soldier comes to inform them that all the guests have arrived. Pratap and everyone is glad / relieved. They go to welcome the guests. The courtesan prays that all the other fears of his should turn out to be false too!

All the guests are given a grand welcome and each one is attended separately / with respect. Pratap introduces them to his courtesans. Bikaner’s King compliments him for all the efforts that he has put in in making this new city after what happened at Mewar. His son thinks that Pratap would not want to hear about it but Pratap says it is something that I would not like to forget. They head to their room. The next guest arrives from Amer (Bhagwan Das ji). Raimal asks him about his sister’s wedding to a very well known family. Bhagwan Das ji says you don’t have to taunt me like this. I can proudly say that my sister is living happily with her husband Akbar. He turns to Pratap. You can be open about it if you are not so comfortable with my relation with Akbar. My soldiers are still outside ready to go back.

Precap: Chandrasen and Bhagwan Das get into an argument because of Akbar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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