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Maharana Pratap 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Mughal soldiers come out in the open and cluster around Pratap and his fellowmen. They all fight bravely and kill many Mughal soldiers. Khetu too kills a few of them. A handful of Mughal soldiers make a circle around Kalla. Pratap notices this and throws a spear at Kalla (Kalyan Singh Rathod). Kalla kills all the soldiers then. Pratap compliments Khetu on her skills. Kalla gives his intro to them. I only had written that letter to you. This is enemy’s land. We should leave from here asap. Pratap agrees and they all mount their respective horses.

US wants this message to reach Pratap asap. The messenger should be trustworthy. The news should not leak. Rawat ji talks about Rann Singh, his best horse rider. He will reach Pratap. He is a very brave warrior. He has fought many wars with

us earlier as well. His family has been Mewar’s patriot since decades now. US wants to meet Rann Singh asap.

DB tries to stop Amar Singh but in vain. US meets him in the corridor. Amar Singh too wants to fight with the Mughals. If I had any idea that that man in the jungle was Akbar then I wouldn’t have spared him. I would have killed him then and there itself. US is impressed with his spirit. We will surely do it. let your father come. We all will together a very good lesson to that Akbar then. Amar Singh nods.

Akbar tells his commanders that they should fire cannons at the palace as soon as he is quite close to the palace. Our army’s attacker group should try to enter the palace asap after killing the enemies. Our soldiers will then kill every single soldier of our enemy’s army.

Jagmal drops a toy cannon. A dassi picks it up for him but he slaps her instead. VB and Ajabde are taken aback. Jagmal is angry that his Dada bhai and father dint pay heed to his words. I had told them not to mess with Akbar. See, he has come here to seek revenge. He goes quiet upon noticing DB and Amar Singh. She reprimands him for talking negative. This little Amar Singh is ready to take part in the war with his father and grandfather while you are enjoying fruits here. Jagmal mistakenly bites his finger and screams in pain. DB tells him that she is ashamed of calling him her son. you got hurt with such a small wound. How will you go out and fight against the MUghals then? You should sit with the women here and talks like them. Jagmal walks out of the room angrily. Ajabde asks DB if Akbar will really attack them today. DB doesn’t feel so. It will be his biggest mistake if he does so. Rana ji has made all the necessary preps to destroy him. we will certainly have an extra advantage as the palace is on a hill / height. Rana ji wont spare him today. Ajabde wonders what God wants. I wonder where and how you (Pratap) are in this hour of need.

Pratap and all his fellowmen are keeping an eye on the palace from a distance. Pratap tells them about landmines on this side. This particular side has very less security otherwise. The best time to try and enter from here is after sunset. Kaka suggests diffusing all the landmines one by one but Kalla points out that that would take lot of time. We cannot invest that much time as we have to get Raja Jaimal free too. If Mughals find out that the landlines have been removed then the security will be increased on this side too. It will become impossible for us to free Raja ji then. Chakrapani wonders how they can do two tasks at one go. Khetu offers to do it. we can solve this problem of landmines now itself. Pratap asks her how that can happen. Khetu picks up her small bag, a dagger and starts walking towards the palace. Pratap is tensed.

US gives the message to Rann Singh. He vows to deliver this message only to Pratap, even if he has to die in the process. Rann Singh leaves with the message. US is anxiously waiting for Pratap to return home.

Kaka tells everyone that Khetu will put lep at all the places where the landmines are placed. Those marks will help us in understanding where we don’t have to step on. Chakrapani reasons that it is a very difficult task. Even the Mughal soldiers can see her. Two Mughal soldiers notice her. she tells them that she has come here to take herbs. This will help me and can even help your wives in looking all the more beautiful. The soldiers leave.

Akbar is also worried that if the news is false (about Pratap not being in the palace right now) then it will cost us badly. His commanders tell him that their messenger is very trustworthy. His message can never be wrong.

Khetu proceeds further and marks the route on which they can walk. Chakrapani is curious as to how will they see the herbs at night. Kaka tells him to just wait and watch.

A soldier notices Khetu. He orders his soldiers to catch hold of Khetu. They oblige. They ask Khetu how she came here safely without stepping on the landmines. She declines knowing anything about the landmines. The soldiers pull / push her talking about her beauty. Pratap does not like it but everyone else stops him from interfering in this matter at the moment. The soldiers take out a dagger and even tear her kurta a little. She pushes them but they feel that she must have come here for them only. Let us take her inside the palace.

Precap: Akbar’s spy notices Rann Singh getting out of the palace. He informs the same to Akbar. Akbar wants Rann Singh. He must be having some info which can change the picture of this war completely.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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