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The Episode starts with Badshah Khan asking the horse seller to meet Pratap and maybe he will buy his house. He tells Parwat Singh that now he will know is Pratap great or not, he will rule the horse if he is really great. Parwat Singh says I heard a lot about him, and I think he can easily do it. The white horse (Chetak) walks towards Pratap. Pratap is checking other horses and gives his advice. The horse gets uncontrolled and starts jumping. The owner asks what happened, you did not do this before, if you want to go with him, I won’t sell you to him, calm down. The horse seller sees Pratap and says I understood you want to meet that man, come with me. The man asks Pratap to see his horse once. Pratap turns and looks at the horse.

Badshah Khan looks on. Pratap’s face comes in the

horse’s eyes. He says many sellers come to me and say their ordinary horse is extraordinary, it looks like the one I m finding is not in the country. Chetak starts jumping. Pratap says I feel such horse is not born yet. The horse owner asks everyone to go their shops and carry on. He asks Pratap what qualities you are looking for. Pratap says he should run on every land, water, sand, mountains, and can run for many days without food, and can run with speed and balance, I want a horse who understands me. He says the one whom I can understand, you can be my friend. Chetak jumps and Pratap says I don’t want such horse to show attitude and make noise.

Pratap sees the horse running. He asks what happened to him. The man says he is hurt by your words, you have hurt his self esteem so he got angry. Everyone say what happened to this horse. Pratap looks on as Chetak runs in high speed around the ground. Pratap is shocked. Chetak does not come in anyone’s control. The owner tries to stop him and asks Chetak to stop quietly. Badshah Khan says Pratap has failed in my test, no need to be afraid of him. Patta comes and asks what was all this. Pratap asks why, what happened. Patta asks does he care about his pride, he is minister made by Bai ji lal, and he is not able to control an ordinary horse.

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The owner brings Chetak to Pratap. Pratap looks at Chetak and stays quiet. Patta asks don’t you have answer. Pratap says my soldiers know how to manage horses, don’t worry. Patta says you mean I m uselessly worrying, I m sure that this is a big reason of worry. Pratap asks what does he mean. Patta says I don’t think you deserve to be minister. Pratap asks why, because of that horse or your personal matter. Patta says yes, think so, you see yourself, I m with soldiers since years and did small wars too, and today when the right time has come to do something, don’t know you got selected as minister, I think its wrong decision.

Pratap folds hands and asks what does he want. Patta says he has to prove that he is not a traitor and not with Afghans. Pratap is shocked. Dhaman Singh comes to know Bheema did not say anything before death, but a message came from your wife that your son got missing two days before and she could mot find him. Dhaman gets tensed. Dheer Bai comes there and he greets her. She gives the message and asks him to go to Bijolia. He asks for whom. She says it’s a chance to make your mistake right, it’s a letter signed by Udai Singh, and you have to take it. She says do as I say, be careful that work should be done. He says I m sorry, can I go after some days. She asks why.

He says his son is lost and he has to find him. She scolds him for disobeying her, as few days delay can go against them. She says Rawat ji is doubting us, and Pratap is finding the problem there. Kunwar Jagmal comes and asks whats the problem Rani Maa. Pratap asks Patta what should he do to win his trust. Patta says you have to fight with Bijolia soldiers to show you are not from Afghan soldier, win over my soldiers and show me. Pratap nods yes. Patta calls the soldiers and signs Pratap to go ahead. Pratap says you all will meet me in my secret area. Badshah Khan and Parwat Singh looks on. Everyone follow Pratap.

Parwat Singh is confused and say come, lets see. Kunwar Jagmal tells Dheer Bai that he wants to solve the problem of Dhaman. She says his son is lost and I want him to go and get Pratap here at the earliest. Kunwar Jagmal holds Dhaman and scares him, saying you lost your son, don’t worry, you have always been obeying Rani Maa and been her secret server. He says I will find your son. He says you do as Rani Maa is saying you. Dheer Bai says she will find his son and not to worry for such petty things. She asks do you doubt on me. Dhaman Singh says no. She says then go to Bijolia and get Pratap here. He agrees to go. He leaves.

She asks Kunwar Jagmal what did he do. He says he is always with her, just trust me. Pratap tells the soldiers that they will fight as enemies today, take out the swords and hit me. The soldiers say we can’t hurt you, you are our minister. Patta asks Pratap not to pretend. Pratap says I m your minister, so obey my orders. Pratap says Patta doubts that I m with the enemies, so I want to show my friends by fighting and it won’t be a friendly one, you all will win for your Rajputana and fight like its last day of your life. The sword fight starts. Pratap fights well with them. Parwat Singh says I told this about him. Badshah Khan sees Pratap’s bravery.

Ajabde likes the clothes and asks the ladies to show their art to the people in fair. She comes to know that Pratap is fighting with their soldiers. She is shocked and thinks how can this happen. Pratap does not kill anyone and just defends himself. He looks at Patta.

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