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US points out to him that there is only one punishment for him if the charges turn out to be true. He will be given death penalty. Shock registers on the faces of everyone who is present in the courtroom. Ajabde gets up to say something but DB stops her. You need a lot of strength to bear all that is going to happen in this palace now. Ajabde sits down.

Rawat ji asks Jagmal as to why would Pratap Singh want to shoot him. Jagmal says Dada bhai first shot Rani Ma and then me. Somewhere he fears that someday I will be sitting in father’s place. This is why he wants to kill our entire family. First he shot Rani Ma, then me. I wont be amazed if he shoots our sisters tomorrow. Patta angrily shouts no. Jagmal is lying. Pratap tells Patta to be quiet. US sternly tells Pratap to keep quiet. He

asks Patta to say whatever he wants to. Jagmal is scared. Patta speaks up. Pratap has not killed anyone. I myself was present there. Pratap was really worried after his fight with ZS on the first night. We both were in the same room when we suddenly heard the noise of a gunshot. Pratap immediately left from there. I too went after him when I heard the second gunshot. I saw the gun in his hands. Dhaman Singh’s dead body was lying on the floor and Jagmal’s shoulder was injured.

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Jagmal nods. This is what I was saying. I had gone to the forest to hide the gun. Dhaman Singh was trying to snatch the gun from me to kill Dada bhai. First shot was fired in the air. Patta denies. Jagmal is lying. I told you what all I saw there but it doesn’t prove Pratap guilty. US repeats the whole incident as narrated by Patta. Maybe you don’t know that your story has actually strengthened the case against Pratap. Go and stand at your place. Patta obliges.

US yet again tries to make Pratap speak up but in vain. Pratap maintains his silence. US gets angrier now. Should I accept it that the reason that everyone here is mentioning is justified? Jagmal says Dada bhai had clearly told me that he might not get Mewar’s throne till I am alive. Patta looks at him angrily. US deduces that Pratap had problems with Jagmal. You considered him (Jagmal) to be an obstacle in your path. You shouldn’t have been worried about this at all. I, Chittor, entire Mewar and even DB had also accepted you as the legitimate heir for this throne. Why did you do it then? Your silence can become a very big problem for you. tell the truth. He gets up angrily. I find you guilty for this crime. DB interrupts him just when he is about to announce the punishment. This is a private matter and we will sort it between ourselves. Jagmal will take his words back as he loves Pratap a lot. Jagmal nods but US tells them both to stop. This is not our family matter anymore. This is a crime and the criminal should be punished for it too. This time Hakim Khan comes there, asking US to stop.

US is surprised seeing him there. HK too is the witness of that incident. DB sits down worriedly. Patta would have already told you what we saw there. I will tell you something that no one here would have told you. Ajabde looks hopeful. I saw that Pratap who was only concerned for his injured brother. I saw him carrying his brother in his arms, running to find Vaid ji. I saw Pratap forgetting everything about his enemy and doing the last rites of his brave soldier. I saw that Pratap who disobeyed his father’s order just to follow his dharma and to respect what his ancestors have believed in. He heard the pleas of a Brahmin, chose to fight with someone like ZS just to save the cows. Will such a person try to kill his own younger brother? US knows that he is trying to support Pratap so as to save him but sadly, you are unable to do so. We cannot always take decision based on feelings. HK requests him to show mercy on Pratap. He had killed Shams Khan at the age of 14, he dint think of himself and went alone to fight Bairam Khan and his entire army. Why would such a guy try to kill his own younger brother just to get the throne? Allah knows that I would have surely brought any proof to prove him innocent in case I had but sadly, I have no proof with me right now. I do have respect for him and the same is with all the people present here in the court and outside. Ask anyone. People start vouching for Pratap again. DB and Jagmal are tensed. HK and the people start praising Pratap again. US holds out his hand to stop them.

Faith often turns out to be illusion when you weigh it while making some judgement. That illusion enters our heart without our knowledge and blurs the facts / truth. It takes us away from reality. But justice is not based on any feelings; it is done on the basis of valid proofs. All the proofs here indicate that Pratap planned everything well in detail. He tried to kill his younger brother. HK knows that even Pratap’s biggest enemy Akbar wont believe him in this case. How can you believe it then? Is this Mewar’s justice? US replies that the worst thing for a moderator is when he has to take a decision against the one who is innocent. I am feeling the same pain today. Speak up Pratap. Speak the truth and help me. Free me from this pain and helplessness. Pratap can only think of his promise to his Rani Ma. Maan, VB and Ajabde are heartbroken by his silence. US too is in tears. He keeps his sword down, takes off his turban and turns towards Pratap. He descends the steps and heads to where Pratap is standing.

I am standing here in front of you not as Mewar’s King but as your father. He folds his hands before him. I request you. Please say the truth. I wont be able to live without you. Pratap is taken aback. Please tell that everyone here lied in this courtroom. Say that all the proofs are wrong. Even a King will have to wait till he cross checks all the facts and evidences. Please help your father. Say something now. Pratap bows down his head sadly. Right now you are only thinking about me. you are Mewar’s King, a king before everything else. Please fulfil your raj dharma. Don’t let your love for your son create a hindrance in justice. US eyes him angrily while DB smirks.

US heads back to his throne, wears his turban and picks up his sword again. He gives judgement against Pratap. He will be hanged tomorrow morning before sunrise. Ajabde is in tears. Everyone is stunned.

Precap: DB tells Ajabde that Rana ji has announced his decision. Pratap will be hanged tomorrow. How will you live your life without him now? Ajabde tells her not to worry about her life. I will find the meaning of my life by proving Pratap innocent. Pratap has put a knife around Rawat ji’s neck. He warns the soldiers not to move from their places or he will hurt Rawat ji. US is shocked to know that Pratap has escaped from the palace.

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