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Acharya is sure Pratap will unite the entire Rajputana very soon and become the Rana ji of Mewar. Pratap wonders why everyone wants him to be the king. Acharya says the citizens of Mewar want to see you as their king. Dreams must come true after all! A soldier brings a message for Pratap. Pratap smiles as he reads the message. Acharya guesses it right that the supposedly chief commander too has agreed to be present in the competition. A disciple comes to call Pratap to give last aahuti in the puja. Acharya sends him to check on the preps while he himself goes to finish off the puja.

The ladies are waiting for JB. Everyone thinks that Maha Rani wont be able to join them. A daasi too comes to update them on the same. DB decides to invite her Jija herself.

JB is doing

puja when DB reaches there. I invited you so many times yet you dint join us for the bhoj. JB replies that she has stopped participating in all such programs. Puja and worship is more important for me. DB says I know you dint come as it was I who has organised the bhoj. You think that I am still the same. You don’t trust me or any of my work. I can try as much as I want to change myself but you wont trust me. JB replies that she has left all such emotions behind. DB explains that she too has changed herself over the period of time. I pray for Pratap’s wellbeing every day. JB replies that that is so as she knows that everything is there till the time Pratap is alive. She and Jagmal wont be able to rule otherwise. DB yet aagain asks her if this is her opinion about her. JB only focuses on Kanha ji now. I don’t have time to think of all such things or you. DB reasons that if she would have still been the same then she wouldn’t have called her. You are still my competitor. JB sticks to her point of view. DB points out that she will have to change her opinion real soon.

Chakrapani reads the prediction. He is shocked to find out that Rana ji wont live for too long. Plus the next King wont be Pratap. It will be someone else. Acharya looks at him in shock.

JB’s words haunt DB. Jagmal comes all drunk there. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you support! He refuses to talk in lower volumes. I only will become the Maharana of this city. He stumbles and eventually passes out in her lap. She is in tears to see him thus.

Chakrapani says if Pratap wont become then next king of Udaipur then who will it be! I don’t think there is any other capable king in history other than Rama ji and Pratap. Why is God playing such cruel games with us? Pratap comes there and asks him what they were talking about. Chakrapani puts the letter in fire. Pratap can notice the tension on their faces. Has something gone wrong? Are you guys hiding something from me? Acharya replies that Chakrapani received a message from his wife that she will join him a little late in Udaipur because of her brother’s wedding. He got angry and burnt it. Pratap suggests him to take off for a while and go home. Chakrapani cannot go at such a crucial juncture. I will go after the competition. Pratap wants Jagmal to handle the competition and its preps. I know he hasn’t done anything substantial so far but how will he get a chance to show them if I don’t let him do it. I want everyone to polish their abilities and capabilities. It will help in making our people better. Please distribute the remaining letters in the neighbouring cities. He leaves. Acharya tells Chakrapani that he doesn’t trust his prediction. I only know and believe that no one else be the king of Udaipur other than Pratap. I will stick to my ideology till the time Pratap is successful in his mission of reuniting the entire Rajputana!

Rana US is sleeping. JB offers him water but DB points out that she has to give water in a copper glass. We have to look after your health. He finds her upset. She tells him about her organizing the Bahubhoj where Jija dint turn up. US replies that they shouldn’t expect JB to take part in all such events as she has dedicated herself entirely to God. We have to change our perspective regarding her. I felt a little taken aback when she dint come to my room but then I got used to it. I realised that Kanha ji has become her utmost priority. Raimal ji greets him. Who will take care of the state if you fall sick? US is relieved as Pratap is there. Nothing can go wrong till he is here. DB too says the same thing with confidence.

Jagmal is drinking and enjoying himself as two dancers dance for him. He tells them to show them something else which can make him happy so everyone stops. Jagmal asks him why he looks so taken aback. The girls leave. Acharya corrects him. He is sad to see him wasting his time. There is so much to do for the upcoming event. Jagmal reminds him of his responsibility of managing the dance and arts of their city. I was doing it brilliantly. Acharya gives him the task of organising the competition. Jagmal asks him if he wants him to follow everything that Dada bhai says. I am not his servant. Acharya adds that he has to follow this thought process only if that is what he wants to but you will have to abide by whatever he says as he is going to be the future Rana ji of Mewar! Jagmal thinks that Pratap will have to follow his orders.

Precap: Pratap tells his father what all he has thought about the event. Raimal and Jagmal talk about Jagmal becoming the next king of Udaipur. Pratap is telling the courtesans about the guests who will be arriving soon when someone points out that they may not be able to come.

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