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Asif Khan challenges Pratap for a war if he still wants to head further. Go back if you still want to save your life. Maybe we will have to show you another Mewar siege in the process. You wont be able to save Udaipur anyways from our Shehanshah. Pratap shows him a small bag. It contains the dirt from Chittor fort. It stays always with me. It always reminds me of what happened in the past. You all killed our people. I always think of getting Chittor back from you all. Such thoughts always stick with me. It always inspires me to fight with you Mughals. It keeps reminding us to throw you out of our motherland. Asif Khan refuses to budge.

MK gives last chance to the Bheels. You will lose this heir of Mewar for forever. Rana Punja and a few of his men step forward when MK picks up his sword

to hurt Amar! Rana Punja and his men lay down their swords before MK. Amar apologizes to him and his father. HK is on his way. MK laughs at them. I cannot believe how a handful of you killed 30k soldiers. HK reaches there too. He observes them all from a distance. He is proud of Amar. One needs to be brave in such age. Don’t lose heart, by falling in the words of such fools. Amar notices him. He nods at Amar. A soldier observes it. Amar starts acting before the soldier can see HK. Amar tries to tempt MK for Udaipur in exchange of Bheels. MK is not interested in his talks.

Pratap tells Asif Khan that he will die today by his hands. We all are ready to kill you all, but you all don’t look so prepared. We hate you so much; we have so much anger and hatred inside us for you since years. Will you be able to bear it? You have two options – run away and let us go to help our Bheel friends or die by our hands here itself today. The choice is yours! Asif Khan and the soldiers make way for Pratap and his troops to pass.

MK is sure not all the Bheels have surrendered by now. He still accepts it when Rana Punja says that there were only a handful of them. Take us out of here. But I will kill 5 of you if even one Mughal soldier dies. The younger Bheel doesn’t want the Mughals to get away. They are helpless as it can put Rana Punja and Amar’s life in risk. HK dresses up as a Mughal soldier. He kills the soldiers manning the cannon. He fires a canon at the Mughal soldiers nearby. They all die. MK looks in shock. He demands to know who fired the canon. Rana Punja feigns innocence. All the BHeels are here only. He mentally welcomes HK in the war though. A soldier tells MK that the canon fired by mistake. MK fires that particular solider. Rana Punja smiles. They all walk forward.

HK ties gunpowder to one of the canons. He joins them all using a thread. He lights fire to it and then joins Amar. They both smile at each other. A lot many Mughal soldiers die as the canons begin to explode one by one. MK understands that there is a traitor amongst them. One of the Rajputs has joined us. One soldier asks everyone their name. He looks pointedly at HK. He makes him speak a few lines in Urdu. The soldier is satisfied but not MK. Shehanshah will never like it if anyone calls him bigger than God. A Mughal soldier can never make such a mistake. He hits HK. Amar stops him from killing HK. All the other Bheels come out of their hiding place just then. The entire group of Bheels get into a fight with the Mughal soldiers. MK takes aim at Amar. The arrow is dipped in poison. Rana Punja tells the younger Bheel (his son) that he is proud of him. His son is happy to know about it. He notices MK shooting taking aim at Amar. He tries to caution Amar but his voice is not audible. He runs towards Amar to save him. The arrow hits him instead. Rana Punja and HK scream his name. They rush towards him. Blood comes out of Rana Punja’s son’s mouth. HK angrily goes to kill the Mughal soldiers. Epi ends on Rana Punja’s face.

Precap: Pratap tries to close the eyes of Rana Punja’s son. Rana Punja refuses to believe it that his son is dead. Pratap tries his best to make him understand. We will take revenge from that Mughal certainly. We wont spare that Muhgal!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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