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The Episode starts with Pratap asking why did she make him fight with a woman. Sbe says I was testing you, to know did Bai ji Lal choose the right minister. He says I think she will always test me. She says she will send Lep for him. He says no need. She says its my duty to stop this blood if anyone gets wounded for her Bijolia. Pratap says guards, lets go to the fair. Dheer Bai comes to look for the Kunwar and he answer from the box. She gets tensed and calls for help. She asks is he inside and tries to open the box. She starts crying and knocks on it. She says how will this open. He comes out and takes a breath. She asks is he fine and hugs him. He coughs. She gives him water.

She asks who did this with you, tell me, I will call guards. He says Rani Maa, I did this experiment with me,

I wanted to see if anyone gets locked inside, how long can the man survive. She gets angry and says are you mad to do this. He says I m fine, I was just thinking ahead, I want to create a small box to hide and hear things, but it should have a hole to get air. She says it can be dangerous. He says he knows many things, you don’t know Rawat ji is with Udai Singh, go and see him. She leaves. He says now I will make hole in this. Udai Singh asks Rawat ji what is he saying, how can anyone plan against them in Chittor. Rawat ji says I will find my best to find out. Dheer Bai asks whats the matter.

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Udai Singh tells her everything and she thinks did he come to know about attack on Pratap. She says I feel Rawat ji is not telling everything. Udai Singh orders him to say everything. Rawat ji says Pratap is attacked in Bijolia. Dheer Bai asks is he fine. Rawat ji says yes, he is fine. Dheer Bai says she doubts that Rawat ji is loyal to them, and scolds him. She says you know Pratap is the righteous heir, why did you leave him alone. Udai Singh says yes, even I feel you did a mistake leaving him alone. Rawat ji says your worry is right, but he is there for some imp work. Udai Singh says I want Pratap to come back, anyone else can find out about Bijolia problem, I can’t risk Pratap’s life, I want you to send message to him. Rawat ji says sure and leaves.

Ajabde sees the Kanha idol and sees the diya. She lights the diya first as Saubhagvati shows the new clothes of Kanha. She asks what is she doing here in temple. Ajabde asks for kumkum. She takes it and puts in water. Saubhagvati asks what is she doing, kumkum in water. Ajabde looks at her hands and sees red color. She thinks about Pratap’s blood. She throws the water pot and says don’t know what happened to me, I have to go in fair and see the weapons. She says she can’t let her go like this, get ready first.

Patta welcomes everyone in the fair. Pratap thinks there will be someone who will change getup and come, and asks soldiers to keep an eye, take positions and keep an eye. The guards asks how will we identify them. Pratap says its easy, the sellers will try hard to sell the weapons, and the one who will buy will bargain for it, and the one who is just staring and roaming, keep an eye on such men, maybe he is our enemy. Patta hears this. Pratap says the man who wants to attack us can do any time, we have to be alert. Badshah Khan comes there in changed getup. Patta asks the guard what was Pratap saying. The guard tells everything.

Patta says he will keep an eye on Pratap. Badshah Khan fools the guards and gets angry on their questioning. They provoke him, and he gets angry. Parwat Singh comes and stops Badshah Khan from attacking the men. He takes Badshah Khan with him. Badshah Khan says the market looks good, I think the soldiers will get weapons soon. Parwat Singh says yes and shows Pratap, who is managing everything. Badshah Khan says so he wants to protect Bijolia. Pratap sees the horses and says this one is very young, get him tested, he is just drinking water, its not good. Parwat Singh says Patta got caught in Afghani camp and he was saved Patta by beating them alone, and after this, he came here and everyone talks about his bravery.

Badshah Khan says the men he killed was mine, Prawat Singh says yes, I was saying so that you know his bravery, see Ajabde, she did not trust anyone, but she trusts him a lot. They turn and see a white horse. The horse attacks Badshah Khan. He asks why is he such angry. The man says no one bought it till now, as no one can manage it. Badshah Khan calls him wild. The man says no, he will choose his owner himself, and I will not sell it till he gets the deserving owner. Badshah Khan smiles and says try to sell it to that man, and looks at Pratap.

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