Maharana Pratap 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap sends the soldiers towards the main gate. He knows the safe route that can take him out to Akbar’s tent. He had said it to Raja Jaimal earlier. He comes inside and finds someone standing there in the dark.

Ajabde and all the other ladies look around in the room. They imagine what all would have happened in the past. They find hand prints of many women there. There is a lone print on one wall. It is said to be of Rani Karnavati’s. They all fold their hands.

Chakrapani shares that the enemy will reach them real soon. we should leave asap. DB wants Vaid to check Chand first. Jagmal thinks that they should leave Chand behind if she cannot come with them. DB slaps him. US too gets angry. He is a dumb and foolish guy. I feel ashamed whenever he says anything. We will have to leave

right away or we will get in trouble. DB nods. I will take Chand in my palanquin. They resume their journey. Chand’s bangle falls while they are on their way.

Ajabde wants to decorate this room in a way that they should feel like they have come here for the first time in this room. It should look like our wedding night. Mughals don’t think before making everyone’s life hell. They don’t have any respect for women. One of the ladies imagines Mughals attacking her. She screams out loud. Ajabde says Jauhar will protect our dignity. The fire of Jauhar is pious. It accepts us very easily. Ajabde agrees. We will do Jauhar without any worries. The ladies chant Jai Bhawani.

Raja Jaimal steps out in the light. Pratap knew that Rawat ji will send everyone after him. Raja Jaimal has been observing him on his own. I know how strong minded you are. You never back off from your decisions. Pratap cannot do it. Everyone is talking only about dying. How will we win this way? Akbar is moving fast. We cannot wait for long. I only have one option – to kill that Mughal himself.

The sand mountain is halfway done. Akbar wants the cannon to be shifted there so he can see to what extent can it reach now. I want to see the Rajputs getting scared.

HA finds another clue. Seems like they passed from here very recently!

Yaar Begh guides the soldiers to keep the cannons in the front.

Pratap is sure he can kill Akbar even if he has 40k soldiers around him. I am capable of it. Raja Jaimal trusts him but still wants to accompany him. You are not realising what is your worth. I will come with you. Pratap understands it well. Mine, my every citizens life is invaluable which is why I want to save Kalla. I promise I will bring Kalla back safely. I will end this war once and for all. Raja Jaimal gives him one last option – kill me. Only then can you go out of this palace on your own! Pratap closes his eyes sadly.

Akbar too climbs up on the mountain. The soldier lights fire to the cannon. Kalla looks on in shock. Pratap and Jaimal hear the noise. They go out to see what happened. Akbar wants to double the size of the mountain. I want the next cannon to land inside the fort. I want to hurt Pratap as much as I can. Kalla looks angrily at Akbar.

Pratap checks the mountain’s progress through the binoculars. Rawat ji is tensed thinking what will happen if the mountain gets complete. We don’t have much time to think what we have to do! The cannon will fall inside the fort otherwise. Pratap says, that Mughal will have to die very soon!

Akbar observes the labourers doing their work. Kalla keeps eyeing him. Akbar wants them to do the work a little faster. More people are going to join them soon. Akbar wants to see the Rajputs on their knees before me. I wont spare them anyways. I want Pratap and US under my charge once. I will teach them such lesson that people will keep it in their mind for forever. Kalla picks up an axe and walks towards Akbar. Isa Kaka notices him. He orders the soldiers to catch him. he shouldn’t reach Jahanpanah. Kalla fights with the soldiers and kills them. He throws the axe towards Akbar. It lands almost near his feet. Akbar steps back. Kalla gets caught.

Pratap and Raja Jaimal make up their mind to leave asap. They stop as they notice Ajabde standing there. Pratap sends Raja Jaimal to make all the necessary preps. She has already heard everything. He dint want to hurt her so he kept quiet. We are trapped. Patta is not here yet. Ajabde is sad that he dint tell her. I would not stop you. what if Rawat ji finds out about your escape? He thinks she is actually aggravating the situation for him. She says it wont be right if you leave now. Leave in the evening. It will be easier for you to go out of the fort and then enter Akbar’s tent too. He is proud of her. you have proved it that you are the wife of a warrior only. He hopes that Kalla is safe till then.

Precap: US decides to stay at some place overnight. Chakrapani is worried about HA attacking them but US is in no mood to run away. we will fight with them in case any such thing happens. Rawat ji finds out that PRatap was trying to leave from the fort. He blocks Pratap’s, Raja Jaimal’s and Patta’s way as they try to escape from the secret passage. Pratap tells him against it but Rawat ji apologizes to him for doing so.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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