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Rawat ji gathers himself somehow and tells Pratap the reason of his coming here. As per Mewar’s King’s order, I arrest you under the charges of killing a loyal soldier Dhaman Singh and also for shooting Jagmal. Chetak neighs angrily. Everyone around is also taken aback. Patta too loses his cool. I know who is responsible for this. Pratap stops him. If Mewar’s King’s order is to imprison me then Rawat ji, please fulfil your duty. Rawat ji sadly asks him to hand over his arms to the soldiers. Pratap does so. The soldier, Patta, Rawat ji and all the people standing around look sadly and have their heads bowed down. Another soldier steps forward and ties Pratap’s hands with a rope.

A daasi comes to call Ajabde. Ajabde joins Maan and VB outside. They are pained to see Pratap entering

the main gate in such a condition. Entire Chittor has gathered around to see what is happening. They start demanding him to be released asap. Ajabde begins to go to him but stops midway. DB and Jagmal watch the drama from upstairs. Ajabde and Pratap stand face to face. She only expects him not to keep quiet this time. I have full faith that I will once again see you in the same way as you were before for Mewar. I am sure that the culprit will be punished and you will be proved innocent. Pratap suggests her not to expect too much. Ajabde reminds him that he hasn’t committed this crime. Why do you want to be punished for it? why don’t you speak the truth? He replies that at times some things / words are more important than the truth. He thinks of his promise to DB that he will protect Jagmal till his last breath. He only tells Ajabde that a Rajput’s promise is one such thing. Rawat ji interrupts them. we must leave now. People are still chanting Pratap’s praises. Soldiers are having a hard time trying to control them. Pratap takes leave from Ajabde and heads inside. Chittor’s people refuse to eat anything till Pratap is proved innocent. He cannot do any such thing.

Jagmal is surprised to see tears in DB’s eyes. She says I have waited for this moment since long. Jagmal is proud that he is the mastermind after all. She nods. Ekling ji is in full support of my son and is compensating for his pain. Jagmal tells her to go and do Dada bhai’s aarti. Her son has returned home after all. DB smirks. She calls out for daasi to get the aarti thaal ready right away. US questions her. There is no point in doing Pratap’s aarti. She continues her act of fake concern and love for Pratap but he tells her to go to her room. You look mentally upset. No one will do Pratap’s aarti as he is a criminal. There is no tradition of doing a criminal’s aarti here in Mewar. Go to your room now. She drops the plate, starts crying and hugs him. I request you to save my Pratap. Please don’t punish him. She notices Ajabde, Maan and VB coming in so she continues her drama. Please save Pratap. She faints. Maan rushes to her side while US holds her. it is too late anyways.

Soldiers try their best to stop the people as they continue to talk in Pratap’s favour.

US nods at Rawat ji. He gets up and addresses the court. Bring Pratap Singh in the court. Pratap comes there with soldiers. People again start shouting that Pratap cannot do anything wrong. The entire court is filled with their noises and chants. Brahmin Priest greets US. Pratap came out of the palace only because I had asked him to come and save our cows. He was successful in doing so. How can such a person commit such a crime? Please leave him Rana ji. Rawat ji has to shout to quieten the people. Mewar’s King has always respected your opinion. He has allowed you all to witness this crucial moment (decision) today for the same reason. But we will be forced to shift this judgment process behind closed doors if you will continue to disrupt the proceedings like this only. The decision is yours now.

Brahmin priest retreats. US gets up from his seat and everyone gets up immediately in retrospect. US addresses Pratap. You were ordered to not step out of the palace and stay inside as a prisoner. How dare you go against my order then? Pratap tells him that the cows were in danger. I couldn’t say no to Brahmin priest. It is our dharma to save the cows. I thought about what you would have done if you were in my place. My conscience also told me that you would have immediately said yes to help the Brahmin priest. I too did the same. US is rendered speechless by his answer. Do you know what all charges have been levied against you? You have been charged with Dhaman Singh’s murder and of the charge of attempt to murder of Mewar’s Maharani DB and her son Jagmal. People yet again start speaking in Pratap’s support. US holds out his hand so as to signal them to stop. They all go quiet.

US heads back to his chair. He orders Rawat ji to begin the procedure. Rawat ji calls for Jagmal. Jagmal enters the court but instantly holds his wounded shoulder and pretends to look all scared. US asks him to tell the truth to everyone. Tell us what you saw. Be assured that nothing will happen to you. you don’t have to be scared of anyone here. Be brave and speak up.

Jagmal recalls how he himself killed Dhaman Singh. He begins his fake story. When we stepped out of Chittor then Dada bhai told me that he might have failed in his first attempt but now he wont spare me. I was scared. I thought he was kidding. I made myself understand but then I noticed a gun with Dada bhai. He had almost lost the fight with ZS the first day. That made him angry and he took it all out on me. I was so terrified that I took Dada bhai’s gun and ran to the forest to hide it. I met Dhaman Singh there. He got a doubt maybe that my life is in danger. It made him angry. He took the gun from me and decided to kill Dada bhai. I tried my best to stop him. in the process one bullet was fired in the air. Dada bhai came there just then. he fought with Dhaman Singh for the gun and eventually shot him first and then me. Pratap looks at him in shock. Patta and everyone else is stunned too by his story. Only DB is happy. US points out to Jagmal that he is accusing Pratap for a very grave crime. Jagmal says I am only telling you what happened with me there. US accepts his words. He next asks Pratap if he would like to say something. Pratap keeps quiet. US points out to him that there is only one punishment for him if the charges turn out to be true. He will be given death penalty. Shock registers on the faces of everyone who is present in the courtroom.

Precap: US gives judgement against Pratap. He will be hanged tomorrow morning. Ajabde is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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