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Maharana Pratap 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap is going to organize a special shooting competition on the grand day. I want to invite all the neighbouring states even if they have joined hands with Akbar. It will become easier for me once they all are together in that happy atmosphere. Chakrapani asks him about the main commander whose place is still empty. Pratap nods. If everything goes as per the plan then yes! He is best suited for this position. I will not share anything else. He makes Chakrapani write down the guest list. Raimal ji also invited.

Princess Durgawati gets the invitation. She is an avid shooter. She gladly accepts the invitation and will participate in the competition as well.

Raja Ram Singh refuses the invitation whereas his younger brother (Chandrasen) wants to go there.

Raja Ram Singh doesn’t want to give any wrong signal to Akbar as we are with him. Chandrasen only wants to showcase his talent. I want to show Pratap that I am no less than anyone.

Raimal brings gifts for Akbar. I am so glad to have finally met you. Akbar is happy with Maan Singh as he has chosen the right guy to make way for Pratap’s destruction. He is so far from self respect and stuff like that. Raimal asks him about the plan. Akbar tells him about the competition. Pratap wants to use that chance to get all the kings on his side. I want you to ruin his plan. I will make Jagmal Udaipur’s king. Raimal agrees. Akbar advises him not to think of his enemy as less. Raimal says my sister in under my control and Rana ji is in her control. I am uncle after all. Uncles have always won in our country (hinting at Shakuni Mama of Mahabharata). It is an age old tradition!

Pratap and Acharya discuss about the participants. Acharya thinks about the number of kings / princes who will be coming. Pratap adds that princesses will join them too. Everyone I have invited will come. They will come to prove it that they have joined hands with that Mughal for political reasons. They haven’t given that Mughal their soul. Acharya wonders if such traitors have souls at all. Pratap replies that we cannot expect everyone to stand against the powerful. Its no harm if we show them a different way. I will give answer to that Mughal in his way.

Ajabde gives a daasi a plate to give it to Chakrapani for the puja. DB is making kheer for JB. She asks Ajabde to taste it. JB and Chand too have made sweets for JB. Ajabde is sure it will all be tasty. I doubt if Rani Ma will even take part in this Bhoj or not. DB says there is nothing to doubt about. Jija will surely come. She knows that it has been organized especially for her. I want to show her how I feel about it. Ajabde points out that rani Ma stays away from all the occasions. DB points out that she is only talking about Bhoj. Go and make preps. Invite everyone.

Chakrapani has kept a small puja to read Udaipur’s forecast today. It is a very auspicious day today. Acharya likes the idea. He is a little lost / tensed. I feel something negative. I have some doubts. It feels as if we are missing out on something. I wonder what it that is bothering me is! Chakrapani asks him to be positive. We will find all the answers through this puja. Acharya suggests not inviting Pratap for this puja. He is already busy with the preps of the oncoming function.

Raimal reaches Udaipur palace. Raimal’s servant drops all the stuff as he looks at Pratap in awe. Raimal sends him inside. Pratap thanks Raimal for accepting his invitation. He likes the new palace. Pratap gives credit to his citizens which amaze Raimal as he is always so grounded. Raimal keeps thinking about how his real nephew will become the king of Udaipur one day. Jagmal comes there just then. He shares a hug with his uncle. DB does her brother’s aarti. Raimal addresses her as Udaipur’s Maharani. She tells him never to utter this again. Rani JB is the Maharani of Udaipur. She excuses herself as she has to make preps for Bahubhoj. Raimal asks Jagmal what has happened to DB. Jagmal replies that his mother has lost her mind. She behaves so weird with me. Raimal assures him that he will set things right for him. Jagmal thanks him.

Pratap comes to meet Acharya. Pratap informs him about Raimal ji’s arrival. Others will be coming soon too. Acharya tells him the names of all those who have accepted the invitation. Pratap calls it an important point of success. Acharya is sure he will unite the entire Rajputana very soon and become the Rana ji of Mewar. Pratap wonders why everyone wants him to be the king. Acharya says the citizens of Mewar want to see you as their king. Dreams must come true after all!

Precap: DB asks JB if she still thinks that she is the same. I pray for Pratap’s wellbeing every day. JB replies that that is so as she knows that everything is there till the time Pratap is alive. She and Jagmal wont be able to rule otherwise. Chakrapani gets to know that Rana ji wont live for too long. Plus the next King wont be Pratap. It will be someone else. Acharya looks at him in shock.

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