Maharana Pratap 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th October 2013 Written Update

Pratap is on a hunt to kill the manager of Talhetti.. Instead he falls in a trap made by the Bheela to catch the tiger.The leader of the tribe and Pratap engage in a sword fight as the tiger kills another woman…When the corpse is brought to the village a villager gives her only posession goat to Pratap to use as bait and kill the man-eater .

A fearful Chakrapani is masquerading as Prataplest he is discovered.He has a close call on being revealed to Jayvanta in the morning but Pratap reaches in the nick of time to avoid it.

Jayvanta discovers bruises on Pratap which Chakrapani covers up saying the goat did it…Jayvanta is suspicious about what the kids are up both both the boys assure her that it is not so.

Pratap recounts to Chakrapani on the bank of the pond he bathed that he will try to persuade the Bheels to unite with him for a common cause and help him kill the tiger by offering himself to be the bait. He even explains the reason why the obedient Pratap was not disobeying his mother.. The reason being the rightful duty of a True Rajput royal which places all other bindings on him as ineffective.. it was his duty to rid the. People from the terror of the man eating tiger…

Pratap with hands tied and blindfolded is led to the Bheel tribe where he presents his case and the merit of uniting to kill the tiger.. The Bheels have been unsuccessful themselves in rooting out the tiger problem so for the cause which is mutually beneficial if both come together hunting of the tiger would be easy.He also explains the stand of the Mewar royalty towards Bheels ..which doesnot believe in forcible enslaving /occupation like the Afghans or MUghals.

The bHeel tribesman are impressed by Pratap and coarse him to his great grandfather
The Bheel leader concedes that hunting down the tiger with.P pratap would be easy but they donot trust the prince’s word. pratap then mentions of his resolve to hunt for the tiger alone.

Pratap cuts himself and smears his own blood on his face to lure the tiger out of his hiding ..the Bheel. Leader disapproves of such recklessness. The tiger and he are face to face but Pratap losses his balance and falls to the ground as the tiger charges forward.

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