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Phool comes to do Pratap’s tika as he gets ready to leave for the war. Pratap stands all quiet. She does his tika and aarti. She asks him to take care of Amar. Don’t know where he would be. Pratap tells her not to worry for Amar. His father is still alive. I know where he will be. He leaves.

The Bheels continue to kill the Mughal soldiers. A few soldiers tell MK that the other troop will join them in a while. Shall we retreat? MK is against it. Akbar will ask us so many questions. What will I say to him? Rana Punja and his men hear the sound of a horse neighing. They are shocked to see Amar reaching there. MK smiles seeing him. He will make us win. He hides along with his soldiers. They all surround Amar at once as he reaches that spot. This shows that Allah is with us. We have

got hold of Pratap’s only son. Amar says you are mistaken. I came here to do friendship with you. Rana Punja is worried for Amar. He is playing the same move like Darun. Amar says the same words. Friendship is anyways better than enmity. MK asks for a proof of his friendship. Take us to where the Bheels are hiding. Amar wonders how MK agreed so soon. It will be great if I succeed in killing even a few Mughals. He gets down his horse. The Mughal soldiers surround him. MK takes out the dagger from behind waist. The BHeels are fighting with us for no reason, while you, Pratap’s son, want to be friends with us? You think we will believe you. Amar retorts that his father wont spare them. MK talks about the sadness Pratap will be in for losing Ajabde and many more lives. He calls out for the Bheels. Surrender if you want to see this kid alive or the future of Mewar will go in dark.

Pratap and his men are on the way.

Akbar is getting impatient. Why is it so quiet down there? He sends one soldier to bring all the updates for him asap. Another soldier informs Akbar that Pratap and his men are on their way to her. Akbar questions Maan Singh. You said Rajputs don’t pick any weapon for 13 days after losing their family member. What happened now? Maan Singh replies that they have actually forced Pratap to change his mind. One commander shares that one of their another commander (Asif Khan) will stand in Pratap’s way. He will try his best to keep Pratap away from here.

Asif Khan motivates his soldiers for the fight. Shehanshah has trusted us with this chance. We shouldn’t lose it.

Back in the palace, everyone is worried for Amar, especially Phool. Ck gives her faith. She also reprimands DB for talking negatively to Pratap. DB couldn’t hide the truth as the situation is grim. I have seen wars before. I have learnt it that one shouldn’t hide anything in such times.This war has been forced on us. Phool’s father supported Akbar. He is to be blamed for it. You can make him understand.

MK has tied Amar’s hands. He again calls out for the Bheels. Don’t lose time or we will kill this kid. Rana Punja is left with no other option. We will have to surrender. A few Bheels advise doing so. You can continue hiding. Rana Punja says MK knows I am the leader of Bheels. It is important for me to go before him. You should hide here along with a few other Bheels. The younger Bheel wants to be with him. He hugs Rana Punja. Rana Punja too wants to be with them but this is their test. I will have to go before them!

Akbar gets to know that MK has got hold of Amar Singh. Akbar gladly gives him his ring. We will easily reach Udaipur if Bheels surrender. He notices Maan Singh’s reaction. Aren’t you happy? Maan Singh finds it wrong. You got a lady killed by cheating earlier and now you have caught the little kid. What do you expect from a Rajput? Akbar calls it justified. Everything is fair in love and war. We couldn’t harm Pratap in any way till date. Whatever happened is good. Maan Singh’s heart is not calling it right and a brave act from their end. It is against my Rajput values. I am still dedicated to you, but my dharma stops me from praising what you did! Akbar points out that he cannot cheat him. Maan Singh agrees. I will not go against you till the last drop of my blood.

Pratap asks Chetak to hurry up. Chetak stops all of a sudden. Pratap is confused. He wants to tell me something or give me an indication. I missed understanding his point last time because of which I lost Ajabde. He talks to Chetak. What are you trying to tell me? The very next second, a lot many arrows come their way. Pratap is angry to see them. A few of his soldiers get hurt. His commander says it is Asif Khan, one of Akbar’s commanders. It looks difficult to break their Chakravyuh!

Precap: MK gives last chance to the Bheels. Rana Punja steps forward when MK picks up his sword to hurt Amar!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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