Maharana Pratap 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th March 2014 Written Update

Ajabdehi calls bhuvan that please come out from water. Bhuvan says, i am very thankful to you that you make my heart free from fear. Mamrat says, its really difficult for rao surtan singh to come out from coffin. Uday singh says, definitly he will have to mughal. Mamrat singh says, jalal changes his face and moving in mewar.
Pratap says to raj purohit, i am going to meet my friend. Jalal show his anger. Pratap reaches there. Jalal says, do you heard something? Pratap says, why are you so worried. Jalal change the topic and says, lets go to somewhere. Pratap says, i am going to my home, then pratap tell his identity to jalal. Everybody stand silently.
Ajabdehi and bhuvan dressed up. Pratap then changed the conversation and says, i am joking but i believe in him and follows his rule. Jalal says, pratap will not rule for long time.
Jalal says, dont take my wording onto your heart. Pratap says, i will go with you at fair. Bhuvan says, i want to go at fair by anyhow condition. Bhuvan says, i will bring you with me at fair and ordered her dassi to make ready ajabdehi.
Jalal starts his reace, but jalal stop and says, look at that khema, i am in love. Pratap says, this is rajpoot khema and they believe in pardah system. Lets go to fair.
Ajabdehi and bhuvan try to go at fair but bhuvan’s brother reaches and both of them hide and after sometime they moved for fair and bhuvan brother didnt identified them. Pratap and jalal run and gets tired and here bhuvan and ajabdehi also gets tired. Jalal says that look their is a cart but thier is no driver. Pratap says, i will ride it. Bhuvan and ajabdehi take lift from pratap and jalal.

Precap:- Ajabdehi says, ask about her mala and jalal and pratap ask their real identity.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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