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Kalla observes the soldiers guarding the tents. One of the commanders scold him to do work instead of loitering around. Kalla goes. He looks at the sand mountain. It is getting high. The commanders like it as it is real high. Jahanpanah will be really happy. If we continue our work then we will be set to attack Chittor. We will shift our cannons above and attack the Rajputs. They wont be able to counter attack. They will surely lose. Kalla cannot lose this chance of killing Akbar.

All the ladies are talking when Sarda Bai comes there. She shares that their brave soldiers have decided to get into a war with that Mughal’s army. All the ladies are taken aback. Our husbands will be victorious tomorrow or we will have to do Jauhar for them tomorrow.

The soldiers get ready to fight against

the Mughals. They actually feel blessed to sacrifice their lives for their motherland. Their main aim is to save Chittor at any cost. Pratap thinks how every soldier is thinking of dying or killing. No one is thinking about victory. There is no chance of winning in that case. The best situation will be to enter inside enemy’s army tent and save Kalla.

The ladies understand the plan of their husbands. They wonder if they will win from Akbar. They feel they have no other option. Ajabde doesn’t want them to talk negative. Our warriors are ready to fight. They are excited about facing their enemy head on while you all are sad here. It will affect them abdly if they see us talking like this. All the Rajputanis have supported their husbands all the time. How can you accept defeat even before the war has begun?

DB drops the glass because of hiccups. I think my kids are missing me. US says Pratap is grown up. He got us out of the fort so carefully and stayed inside. He is a great warrior. She is worried about Ajabde. I have never given her time / understood her in my blind love for Jagmal.

Ajabde asks the ladies if there is any Mughal who can match their husbands’ calibre. All the ladies are very proud of their husbands. They know that they can do anything for their motherland. Ajabde says you should not be no negative about the war in that case. You know their worth. We should send them tomorrow happily. we Rajputs odnt fight for our respect. We figth for our motherland. Whatever happens tomorrow, it is true that our soldiers / warriors are not thinking about anything except fighting for their motherland. The ladies agree. Ajabde points out that they have to do another thing tomorrow while doing tilak of their husbands. She holds out the key of the Jauhar room. We wont step back. We will support them in our way. We will do Jauhar. The ladies nod.

DB is puzzled seeing the smile on US’s face. They both are hoping that they get some good news from Chittor soon. Chand is not well. US and DB are concerned for her. DB offers her water but her health is deteriorating. Acharys’s friend, a Vaid lives nearby. We should send a soldier to call him here. US doesn’t want them to stop but DB insists. Chand is not well. We cannot put her life in risk. They hide as they hear the noise of hoof approaching there.

Patta and Vajra Singh too are on their way.

HA and his troops continue to march ahead in their quest for US and the royal family.

Rawat ji tells others to keep their eyes on Pratap. He might think of going out all by himself. What will we say to our ancestors, Rana ji then! They all nod.

Acharya is about to attack when Chakrapani calls out for him. it is I! He shares that HA and his troops are searching for them.

The ladies come to the Jauhar room. Ajabde opens the lock thinking about what Rani Karnavati, Pratap’s grandmother, had done in the past. She looks inside the room. It is a big room with a place in the middle where the ladies had done Jauhar.

Pratap gets dressed as an ordinary citizen of Mewar. He is disturbed as he recalls everyone’s words. It isn’t just about saving Kalla but of thinking for everyone’s welfare. He prays to Lord Kanha. Help me give me one chance to fight against that Mughal bravely on a one to one basis. You can declare the deserving person winner later but just give me one chance to prove myself. I want to break his arrogance. I want to end this matter once and for all. I wont let any soldier shed anymore blood. I will put an end to this decade old story my way now.

Precap: Pratap tells Raja Jaimal that they have no other option but to attack now. Akbar’s men catch Kalla. They try their best to stop him from attacking on Akbar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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