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Akbar picks up all the flags from the palace’s dummy one by one and throws them away in fire as Haji Khan’s words echo in his head. Bairam Khan questions him on his act. Why are you throwing away these flags of the states that you have won over? These are your victories on whom any Shehanshah will be proud for all his life. You were so happy when you had triumphed over Gwalior. Akbar wants to win Mewar. Till then all my victories are worthless. That Haji Khan who is our captive says that Pratap will destroy everything that I have won. Bairam Khan tells a soldier to bring sherbet for Jalal. Akbar doesn’t want to sit quietly and have sherbet. I want to show everyone that I can win over Mewar too just like I have won over all the other states. My victory is incomplete without it. We will leave

for Mewar right away. enough of these political drama. Now my sword will talk. Bairam Khan tells him against it. Akbar knows that he doesn’t trust his strength which upsets his Khan baba. I don’t trust anyone but you. But this isn’t the right time to attack on Mewar. Pratap has earned so much praise from this war. Plus that useless Maldev has put all the blame on you to save himself. He has maligned your name which is why the entire Rajputana has joined hands against you. Akbar doesn’t care. I want Mewar, Pratap’s head! I don’t mind it if all the Rajputs stand together against me. I will kill them all.

Pratap and his friends are walking in the jungle carefully.

Bairam Khan talks about divide and rule policy. We will do this only. We will take Mewar and kill Pratapn on the right time but you will have to be calm till then. A lady is bringing sherbet for Pratap while Bairam Khan continues to talk to Akbar. Pratap is a small stone in our ultimate mission. We will overcome it for sure. Bairam Khan notices that girl and asks Akbar to have it as it helps in cooling down. Akbar declines but then looks at the girl in the mirror. He takes sherbet from her. He continues to look at her as she walks out of the room. Bairam Khan smiles. You are so tired as you have been fighting since so many days. Enjoy life now. Akbar denies wanting rest but Bairam Khan insists.

Pratap and Rawat ji reach at the point from where Akbar’s stuff will pass. Pratap wants to face them from the front and tells Rawat ji to look from the left side. rawat ji reminds him that he wont leave him alone. They both have a sweet moment as they call each other stubborn and blame each other for it.

Bairam Khan tells some eunuchs to send a few selected and well cultured girls to be sent in Jalal’s special room. They oblige. Bairam Khan asks his soldiers about the Nishan-e-Mughalia. He wants it to come asap as Jalal wont be able to divert his mind at anything else for long. I want it to be fixed so that Jalal can leave from here.

JB asks all the Rani’s as to who sent this message to Pratap that she is unwell. DB takes the blame. I was worried for you as you were unconscious so thought to tell him on time. He would have been upset with me if someone else would have told him later. I dint knew that he will go to fight with Akbar all alone. VB is sure Kuldevi Ma will take care of everything.

Pratap and his friends are digging the road while covering themselves with a blanket. The Mughal soldiers reach there. They reprimand them for making them wait. One of the soldiers goes to teach them a lesson and Pratap and his friend attacks all of them. They kill everyone except one soldier who has the reins of the carriage. Pratap gives his intro to him. Pratap tells him to simply follow his orders if he wants to stay alive. Soldier agrees.

Rao Mamrak ji catches up with Uday ji. The rest of the army will take time. He was worried for Pratap and him so he came.

Mughal soldier reaches the main gate of Alwar. The soldier at the main gate stops him for he had no idea about this carriage coming in. He allows them to go inside after a lot of thought but wants to check what is inside first. Pratap and Rawat ji are hiding inside the box only while his other friends are standing outside in the disguise of Mughal soldiers. The soldier opens the box to see it but they are hiding in the back. He is about to remove the cloth to see but another soldier comes to inform him that Shehanshah is waiting for it anxiously. No one was told as they are in Rajputana. They cannot tell anyone that it is Nishan-e-Mughalia. They are allowed to enter.

Phool is getting ready for some puja but missing Ajabde as she used to do everything in perfect order. Putli makes light of the situation. Devi Ma doesn’t see anything but your heart. Phool agrees. She says that she couldn’t learn how to do prayers in the proper manner even though Ajabde tried to tell her lot many times. But I am genuinely praying for Pratap. Please protect him. Hansa Bai and Ajabde too pray for Pratap. HB prays for his well being as she knows that if anything happens to him then she will lose her daughter.

Bairam Khan is relieved to see the box. We can head back to Agra if Shehanshah looks at it once. He advances towards the box which makes the soldier all nervous. As soon as he picks up the lid, one soldier asks curiously about it. We have never seen Shehanshah being this anxious over anything. Don’t you think he would want to open it with his own hands? Bairam Khan nods. He tells them to take it inside. Just then Akbar comes out. He orders them to open the box. Akbar moves towards it and orders to remove the cloth from Nishan-e-Mughalia. A few soldiers bend down to follow his order. Epi ends on Pratap and Rawat ji’s face.

Precap: Bairam Khan wants to tighten the security around Jalal’s room and in every corner of the palace. A soldier informs him that Pratap has entered in the palace. Akbar is doing namaz when Pratap is shown to be standing behind him ready to charge at him any minute. Bairam Khan and all the other soldiers rush towards Akbar’s room to protect him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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