Maharana Pratap 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th July 2013 Written Update

Shakti the jealous Jal Kukda is practising arrow darting and thinking about how Pratap is preferred over him

In the Mahal, Udaisingh makes Bhatiyani lie down on the bed and takes care of her as the other two queens look on…Somebody informs him that the family of the martyrs have come to meet him and Jaywanta tells him to do the Rajdharama (who thought that Jaywanta was telling him to stop the loverboy act and act like a big boy) Bhatiyani also tells him to go and he does

Jaywanta sees that Sajjabai is a bit upset so she tells Vaidji and the maid to take care of Bhatiyani and she leaves with Sajjabai ..she asks Sajjabai what was wrong with her and Sajjabai hesitatinly tells her that Udaisingh never once visited her when Shakti was to be born but right now is on his hands

and legs taking care of Bhatiyani …she feels ignored and asks Jaywanta if she feels the same…Jaywanta’s eyes are sad but she replies stoically that she needs to go for her pooja…leaving a sad Sajja (Loved Rajshri here…her silence, her eyes told us everything, but she holds her head high..truly Pratap’s mother!)

The Vaid is taking care of Bhaityani when Pratap comes with a herb..the Vaid is surprised as the said herb was not available in his lab Bhatiyani says that Pratap must have gotten it from the jungle…Vaid tells Pratap to tie it to Bhatiyani’s palm (Hain Vaidji toh aap kya karenge!!)
Bhatiyani asks him whether Udaisingh scolded him when he called Pratap to the Darbar…Pratap tells her happily about how he was welcomed and Udaisingh praised him and made him eat along with him, he looks up to see Bhatiyani fast asleep…so the maid tells him that she might be asleep due to the effect of the meds…PRatap leaves and Bhatiyani opens her eyes slowly…

Bhatiyani ka Asli chehra

She was pretending to be asleep but as soon as Pratap leaves, she throws her blanket covers off and takes the knife and cuts off the bandadge that Pratap has tied to her palm Seeing her vehenmence her maid rushes to her aid and tries to stop her but she says that she is not going to keep the bandage tied by a boy who is like a thorn in her existence
She then starts her rant how she was never lucky in her birth place and always ignored and insulted but then she met UdaiSingh and then she started realizing her dreams but then when she came here she saw Pratap and knew that he was going to be the demon of her existence (It is actually wonderful to see the dual personality of Bhatiyani here…She is so obsessed with Pratap..she resents Jaywanta for bearing Pratap She praises Pratap and laments that her son cannot be like that!!!)

On the other side Pratap is happyily chatting with his mother how his chhoti Ma does various things for him…and that his friends were jealous, seeing how lucky he was …Jaywanta is happily listening to his chatter…

Bhatiyani is on her she had planned to kill Pratap time and again, by sending him to fetch mangoes, never stopped him when he followed the traitor!! But the fate was against her and everytime Pratap came back stronger

Her maid tries to convince her that she actually loves Pratap…and Bhatiyani denies vehemently saying that she DOESNOT..she hates him with every fibre of her being!! She makes a show so as not to let anyone gauge what she feels…and if she doesnot then everybody will dislike her including Ranaji…Her maid tells her that everybody knows that UdaiSingh only listens to her…Bhatiyani retorts that what good that does to her she says that inspite of being his favourite it is Jaywanta who gets to see him off to a war, who gets to sit beside him during the Gauravyatra..and Pratap would get that throne then it would be Jawywanta who would be the Rajmaata …She would be nothing but a second wife to Udaisingh in the history (This might sound self centric, but it is reality and true…the internal fight amongst the queens to get a higher position…to remain a part of the history was truly voiced through Bhatiyani!)

on the other side Jaywanta is teaching Pratap to be Ram and treat his siblings like Ram did…and Pratap is happily jumping thinking of the birth of his little sibling

Bhatiyani is saying that she knows that she knows PRatap will be Ram…and she would lament his loss, and when Gods ask her why she did what he did, she would try to convince them and if not she would take the punishment…
Bhatiyani loses control then and starts punching her own stomach saying that her son needs to be strong!!

Precap: Pratap telling his mother that he is been having dreams of the war and Jaywanta telling him that it is just the beginning…Bhatiyani has gone completely berserk as she spills some ink over the mirror and promises her unborn son that he will rule Mewar!!

Update Credit to: Srushti

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