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Maharana Pratap 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US blames DB. How did you let Pratap go out of the palace when I had ordered him to stay inside like a prisoner? Do you know what wrong he has done by doing that? I had gone to sort one problem but you have created another now. If JB was here then this wouldn’t have happened. DB looks at him hurt. He too goes quiet.

Jagmal sends his horse with the soldiers. He looks at the gong and opens his wound. He hurts himself on the same spot a little again.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

US tells DB that he is sure she only will come to him to ask him to free Pratap. DB says you can say anything to me but don’t punish Pratap. US cannot assure her as

Pratap is continuously making mistakes. When I had asked him who the shooter was, he chose to keep quiet. He kept quiet when I asked him about the source of the gun. He even ordered the arms seller never to step his foot in Chittor again. plus when I ordered him to stay inside the palace, he broke it. you are his Rani Ma, you tell me why he is troubling his father. She has no answer. If I say anything then you will be all the more sad. Pratap has taken Jagmal and gun with him. They hear the emergency bell. They are shocked to see Jagmal ringing the bell. They ask him about the one who has hurt him. DB sends the soldiers to get Vaid ji. Jagmal takes Pratap’s name. He shot me and he has killed Dhaman Singh too. DB and US are stunned by this revelation. DB cannot understand why Pratap would hurt Jagmal when he loves him a lot. But why did he kill Dhaman Singh? He was a loyal man. Tell me Rana ji why Pratap did so. US angrily tells her to stop asking him these questions as he has no answers for it. I don’t know that person who has hurt my son Jagmal. I don’t know him who has killed Dhaman Singh. Maan and Ajabde reach there. US says, whoever has done this cannot be my son. my son cannot do anything like this. He is not my son!

Soldiers come there with Vaid ji. They take Jagmal inside to start his treatment right away. US looks at the blood in his hands. He recalls Jagmal’s words and sits on the ground heartbroken.

Next morning, the Brahmin priest and other people chant praises of Pratap for following hi dharma and saving the cows. Pratap says it was just my duty. Brahmin Priest requests him to be with them in tomorrow’s puja. Patta tells Pratap that they should return Chittor asap as Rana ji must have got to know about his whereabouts by now. Plus Jagmal is nowhere to be seen too. Pratap knows that time is running fast but it doesn’t mean that he can disobey the priest. I will have to take part in the puja. You go ahead and find out about Jagmal. Patta leaves right away. Pratap gives his consent to the Brahmin priest that he will certainly be present in the puja.

Vaid ji is taking care of Jagmal. DB is sitting next to him only. US and VB watch it from outside. VB tells US to think once before taking any decision. Our Pratap cannot do something like this. you know him way more better than any of us. Maan tells US about an incident. Once CK, Dada bhai Pratap, Dada bhai Jagmal and I had gone to see a fair. Jagmal started acting stubborn and decided to fight with a mad bul. Dada bhai Pratap tried to explain him but in vain. Dada bhai Pratap finally went ahead to fight with that mad bull himself. He continued the fight till Dada bhai Jagmal was satisfied. He loves Dada bhai Jagmal so much. He is about to say something to her when a daasi brings a message for him. DB has called him to meet her in her room. US leaves.

Pratap attends the puja. Patta joins him as well. He tells Pratap that he was right. I have got to know that Jagmal went back towards the palace only. Pratap does aarti. He seeks the blessings of the main priest and the Brahmin priest. They both bless him well. Pratap only wishes that he is able to face his father at this moment.

DB tells US that Vaid ji has left just now. He has told me that Jagmal had a mental breakdown. It is as if he has lost his trust on his someone who is very close to him. US feels the same way. DB continues to talk against Pratap indirectly. People have started gossiping that Pratap wont sit quietly till he kills the entire family. they are also saying that he will kill our every trusted and dependable acquaintance or soldier (just like Dhaman Singh). But I will handle everything. I wont fall for any of it. I know that all the evidence points against Pratap, that he has shot his brother Jagmal and has killed Dhaman Singh. We both know that he cannot do this. maybe it is Jagmal’s illusion. US denies. He calls his soldiers asking them to inform Rawat ji to bring Pratap to the palace like any normal prisoner. Jagmal gets up as soon as US walks out of the room. They both thank Ekling ji. Jagmal wants to see his brother getting hanged in front of his own eyes.

Maan tries to convince Ajabde to do something to change the situation for good. Please come and tell the truth to father. Ajabde reminds her that the shooter is none other than Jagmal. Maan accepts that her blind love for her brother is not allowing her to speak the truth but she can do it. Dada bhai Pratap is your husband after all. Ajabde begins to go but stops in her tracks as she recalls Pratap’s words. He had decided to keep quiet in front of his father as he cannot lie to him ever. Ajabde points out the same to Maan. I cannot disobey Pratap in his absence. I only know that no lie is stronger than truth. I have faith that truth will win ultimately and Pratap will be proved innocent.

Patta is irked with Jagmal for his act. How could he head back to Chittor all by himself? I am sorry to say but I don’t deem him mentally fit. Pratap still takes Jagmal’s side. try to understand his condition. I have very recently forced him to quit taking Amal. It will take some time for him to completely get out of its effect. I am sure I will bring him on the right path real soon. Patta insists that now he cannot trust Jagmal at all.

They are taken aback to see Rawat ji reaching there with a few soldiers. Pratap is worried about Jagmal and if everything is alright in Mewar. Rawat ji is in a fix. I had never thought that I will live to see such a sight. Pratap nods. I too had not thought about any of it but I am sure Ekling ji will set everything right once again. Rawat ji gathers himself somehow and tells Pratap the reason of his coming here. As per Mewar’s King’s order, I arrest you under the charges of killing a loyal soldier Dhaman Singh and also of shooting Jagmal. Chetak neighs angrily. Everyone around is taken aback.

Precap: Pratap’s hands are tied as he walks through the streets of Chittor and is brought in US’s court. Jagmal gives a statement against him. Dada bhai snatched the gun from Dhaman Singh and shot him. Everyone gets upset hearing his fake story except DB.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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