Maharana Pratap 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th February 2014 Written Update

Uday singh battles with surtan singh’s troop. Bahram khan fights with Pratap. JB understand all the things to Dai kokoi then DB comes and taunts to her. Jb says to Kokoi, spray perfume on DB. Kokoi stops DB and DB says, dont cross your limit. you dont cross your limit, you dont know anything. Dai kokoi says, JB wears your dress and she was going to surtan singh’s room but now i will go into his room.
Rana kheta and pratap’s friend fight with bahram khan’s troop. DB hug to dai kokoi and says, you are my best dassi. Dai kokoi says, i am not sacrificing for bravery, but i want to teach you a lesson. Guru ji says to bahram khan’s troop that why are you fighting with us because bahram khan is run away and your minister kaale khan got killed and you are all trapped by villagers and this is our land and forest.
surtan singh calls sugand wali rani. Dassis sent all the money of mewar in the surtan singh’s room. Dai kokoi ji goes into surtan singh’s room. DB forcefully shut the door.
All the soldier drop their weapon in font of kheta ji. Pratap tries to kill bahram khan but guruji stops him. Kheta ji says, kill bahram khan with this bappa rawal ji’s sword.
surtan singh says, i do this all due to only you sugandh wali rani. YOu are most important for me. Pratap open the sword. Bahram khan says, jalaal your khan baba’s started war and you will finished it. Kill me pratap. My name will written in golden word in mughals. But pratap dont kill Bahram khan. Pratap says to guruji, you are saying to sending some information to jalal. Go bahram khan go and inform to your jalal. Bahram khan begging in front of pratap that kill me.

Precap:- JB says, i have sent kokoi with very sharp sword to kill surtan singh.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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