Maharaja Ranjit Singh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit sets his turban and comes out.
Mehtab gets dressed up for the wedding. She meets guddo. Guddo is dazed to see her. She is wearing villager’s dress. Guddo says you look totally like this village’s girl.
Mehtab goes with the old woman.
Veer is preparing with his soldiers. Mehtab comes there and sees everyone practicing there. Rnajit has his back against her. She says who is this guy doing it so well. He turns back.. She says its Ranjit. She is dazed. Ranjit practices and she looks at him.
Veer says today I can proudly say you can protect this nation. You can become star of the nation.
The old woman and mehtab come to veer with sweets. She invites veer to the wedding. Veer says I am sorry but I can’t come. My blessings are with

her. Tomorrow is an important day for my apprentice. Tai says I can understand.

Mehtab gives sweets to the trainees. Her face is hidden. Ranjit is there too. Ranjit says I think i should focus more on sword. One says you are way better than all of us, Ranjit says no you are better than us.
A trainee says to Mehtab says you look new here. The other one says Lasura dont’ you thikn she doesn’t want to talk. Mehtab leaves. Suddenly she trips over and falls. The basket runs towards her and helps her. She hides her face. He picks her basket. She leaves.
Ranjit says I felt like I know her.. But how can she come here? A trainee says who? Mehtab. You see her everywhere. They laugh.

Scene 2
Abdullah says Veer and his army will run from this bridge to save the woman. Ghulam says no one can save those girls from me. Neither veer nor his apprentices.
Raj and Mahan are in temple. Mahan says tomorrow is the test for ranjit. Please give him strength. Give him power to become star of the nation.

Ghulab is preparing. Sahib says today is the day when you have to defeat Ranjit publicly. Ghulab says yes.
Veer say to Ranjit true fighter fights to save his land. To save his people and his self respect. He listens to his heart and thinks for everyone. A star doesn’t shine in his area alone. It shines for everyone.
Ranjit sits on his horse.

Guddo gets married. She hugs everyone and meets them. Guddo says to Mehtab I will miss you. The baarat goes. Mehtab sits in the doli too.
Abdullah and his men come there. They attack the women. First they kill the men and take the women with them.
Mehtab is behind in her doli. She sees everything messed up there. She comes out there. She says this all? She sees Guddo’s doli there.
She sees the jewelry she gave her. Mehtab says Guddo.. She hears women crying and screaming from far.

Veer and Ranjit are on their way. Ranjit hears something.. He says waht is this. The men come running to them. Its Lasura. He tells Veer and Ranjit about the attack.
Veer asks Ranjti to go and says I have to go with them to save them. Ranjit hears about the competition.
he turns back and recalls Mahan saying he has to become star of the nation. He recalls veer saying you have to become star for everyone.
The women are being taken in cage. They are fainting due to dehydration. They ask for water. Abdullah’s men throw water on them and laugh. They all hit them with water.

The competition starts. Dal says I think Ranjit won’t come. We have waited enough, We should start the competition. Mahan says Ranjit will come. I am sure. Gurwaksh says I can’t say anything. Where is he coming from.Mahan says you will know for sure.

Veer says I know Abdullah. He attacked women so I reach to him by myself. No one would come with me. Ranjit says he is right. He should go alone. Veer says what are you doing here.
Ranjit the real star of the nation thinks for the nation not himself. Today is my real exam. I have to fight for my people.

Precap-Veer comes to Abdullah. His men hit Veer. The competition starts without Ranjit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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