Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says to Ranjit he did that as a ruler of this state. Ranjit says I was thinking what I did that I didn’t deserve to be part of the training. I shared my problem with him and he used it against me. Raj says he really loves you. Ranjit says then why did this? He proved me weak for life. Raj says your dad wants to talk to you on dinner. You both should talk about it. Ranjit says okay.

Ghulam’s spies are looking for Veer Singh. They are in the market. Soldier stop him and ask who are you looking for? He says I am looking for my relative. He is 45 and can’t see with eyes. Have you seen him? He says no.
The spies gather around a tree. He says Veer Singh couldn’t be found. Soldier come and say you look like an outsider. the spy says yes I am

from Qandhar. He says but the businessmen from Qandhar just left last week. The spy kills him and says you are right. They leave his body there.

Mahan is waiting for Ranjit at dinner. Ranjit comes and sits. Mahan says eat this sweet your mom made it. Ranjit says you eat sweet when you are happy not when you are sad. Mahan says you know why your mom asked you to come here? Ranjit says because you want to say something. Mahan says yes. Lakhpatrain comes and says sorry to disturb but Sardar ji, the horses you imported from Iraq, the vendors are there. The man comes in. He says we have brought horses from Iraq. The trainees will be trained on them. Ranjit says sorry mom don’t feel like eating sweet. He leaves. Mahan says Ram Singh you have done a great job. He says my friend was coming as well but I can’t find him now. He leaves.

Scene 2
Sada asks Mehtab to come to dinner. Mehtab says I don’t feel like eating. Sada takes her hand and takes her to a trunk. she shows her a dress and says you know what it is. I had this when I was your age. These two dresses and this one doll. And you know I saved all of this because it took me a long way to reach here. You better not say no to food because you don’t have to think at night that you will have food or not. Mehtab says I am not insulting food. I just don’t feel like eating. Sada says you are sad because Ranjit couldn’t get selected? Don’t think from heart. Use your mind. Mehtab says I know what you are trying to say but please what you want.. I can’t become that. mehtab leaves.

Mahan says to his horse I have a problem today. This father wants to reach his child but can’t find a way. Ranjit is trying to sleep. He recalls his rejection. Ranjit sees fire outside. He sees the stable is on fire and the horses are screaming. To save their lives he releases the horses.
A man comes to Mahan and says the horses from Iraq have ran. Ranjit released them.
Mahan comes and says what you did Ranjit. Ranjit says the could be suffocated. mahan asks his men to bring his horse. Ranjit says I can bring them back. Mahan says you can’t.

Sada says to Gurwaksh you shouldn’t go. I say all this for your protection. Gurwaksh says stop coming between me and my friend. I will always be there for Mahan.

Scene 3
Veer is in jungle. He asks a man about where the palace is? The man says walk straight and then there will be a shop. The palace is near it. Veer hears horses running. He says these are horses from Iraq. Veer runs after them and stops them. Mahan is looking for the horses. Veer ties one.
Aziz says to Ranjit we should tell Mahan everything that happened in stable. Ranjit says you are right. Sahib comes and says you are here ranjit I thought you would have gone to a cave. HE laughs. He says I was kidding. Mahan comes and says sorry to keep you waiting.

Precap-Ranjit hits Ghulab. He says am I weak?
Mahan stops him and slaps him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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