Maharaja Ranjit Singh 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit hugs mahan. Mahan says I have believe in you. You can do anything. You have to fulfill my dreams. He gives Ranjit a sword and says keep it with you. Feel like I am always there with you. From today you are the sardar. Ranjit takes the sword. Mahan falls. Ranjit holds him. Mahan says take care of your mom. Tell her my good bye. Ranjit looks at the sword. Raj comes running there. She sees Mahan on the floor. Everyone else comes there too. Raj is crying and sobbing. Ranjit walks out. Raj says why you did this. Everyone is here. Get up. Sada says Raj.. Raj says what are you trying to say? He will be fine. He has been attacked with may arrows. Once can’t harm him. She says let me bring his meds. He will be fine. Jai says Raj.. She says no I forgot to give him medicine.

Jai touches mahan’s face and closes his eyes.

Ranjit runs out in rain. The funeral starts.. Sada says where is ranjit? Raj says he will come back. He will come to meet his dad. Rannjit is in ground. HE recalls his moments with Mahan. Ranjit cries.

Ranjit screams and cries. He recalls the promises he made to Mahan. He says I will fulfill all your dreams dad.
Mahan’s funeral is being done. ranjit comes there. He sits next to Mahan’s body and caresses his face. Ranjit holds his hand. They take his body for funeral. They do all the rituals. Ranjit comes to river with mahan’s asthiya. Jai takes him from there. A man is keeping an eye on Ranjit.

Scene 2
Kasur’s nawab Nizamuddin is in his palace. his man mansorr tells him. he says sikhs are weak. Their states are shattered. Gurwaksh and Mahna have died. Sahib has locked himself in the palace. Only a 12 years old is left. Its ranjit. rest of the states think they can put him to side and rule sukarchakiya. Nizam says well done. He laughs.

jai sends invitations for Rnajit’s coronation. he says send invites to all the states. Sada says to ranjit cry your heart out. Ranjt says my tears dried with dad’s death. He says to Jai send this to all the states. To friends and enemies. I need to be prepared.

Precap-Nizam says he will be the first 12 year old sardar and also the first 12 year old sardar to die. Jai says to Ranjit go and sit. Nizam’s men come in and attack ranjit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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