Maharaja Ranjit Singh 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahan ties his wound. Raj makes him wear his clothes. Mahan says don’t tell ranjit about my condition. This wedding shouldn’t stop. Raj says what wedding? what happiness? We are giving sacrifice of our son. Mehtab only hates our son. Mahan says we have to change that hatred in love. My son knows how its done. You are my strength. Be with me in this decision. She says I am with you in every decision. Mahan hugs him.

They go to Sada’s house. Sada welcomes them. She gives them shagun. Mahan says why did you do all this. Sada says we can’t do our mehtab’s wedding unroyaly. Mahan’s servants bring way more shagun. It is full of jewels. Sada is dazed. Raj says Ranjit is our only son. Mahan says lets start the rituals.
The rituals start.

Mahan and jai make each other wear garlands. Mahan coughs. sada gifts ranjit a sword. Blood come from Mahan’s mouth but he hides it. Raj and Sada do all the rituals. Guru ji says ranjit and mehtab are now engaged. Everyone congratulates and hugs each other. Mahan sees Gurwaksh. He smiles at him. Mahan walks after gurwaksh’s illusion. Ranjit and mehtab take blessings from elders. Ranjit looks for mahan. Ranjit goes after mahan.
Mahan says see brother. I made our families one. It was your dream. Now I can die in peace. Will you let me sleep on your shoulder. I am very tired. I want to sleep for long. Gurwakhs says you have to see their wedding and their kids. Wait. Mahan says I don’t think I have time. I am done with my responsibilities.

Ranjit comes there and Mahan falls. Ranjit sees his blood and wound. Ranjit says what is this? Mahan says its God’s invitation to call me. Ranjit calls vaidh ji. Mahan says no. I don’t have time. You have to do great things. You have to take big decisions. I have something for you. Ranjit opens the box. It is a dagger. Mahan says its not a mere dagger. It is mmore than that. It is our legacy of centuries. I give it to you now. My dad gave this to me. Raj looks for Mahan and ranjit. Mahan says we all died fighting for punjab. Remember my dream of unity. Punjab is the gatway to India. No enemy should enter India here. You have to protect this nation. You are the present and future. One last promise. Mehtab. Always take care of her. Never let any trouble come her way. She is your family now. Ranjit says I will give my life but wont let anything happen to mehtab or her family. Mahan says hug me once.

Precap-Ranjit is being made the sardar. A man tells an Afhghan. He says Ranjit will die.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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