Maharaja Ranjit Singh 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj slaps Sada and says my ranjit will touch skies. People will applaud him everywhere. And that day you will regret this. You will come to me apologizing. You will beg me for pardon but I won’t. I won’t let this relationship happen ever. This is my promise. Promise of a mother.
Mehtab comes there. Sada says you are showing me this tantrum? Sada leaves. Raj is about to faint. Ranjit comes and says what happened mom? She says lets go back home please.

Mehtab asks Sada what happened. Roop tells Mahan Raj is not well and going home. Mahan asks Raj what happened? He sees tears in raj’s eyes. He says what happened? Please tell me. Raj says truth came in front of me. I talked to Sada about ranjit and mehtab. Mahan says then? Raj says she insulted

me in return. She said Ranjit doesn’t deserve ranjit. She said Ranjit has only one eye. He doesn’t deserve mehtab. SHe is crying and sobbing. Mahan hugs her.

Scene 2
Ghulam asks Gurwaksh what happened to my desire to be in rasul nagar. Gurwaksh says wait for some time. Mahan comes and says this is impossible. I won’t ever let him enter rasul nagar. He has to cross my body to enter rasul nagar. Gurwaksh says I promised him. What happened? Gurwaksh says we will talk after celebrations. Mahan says for me its over already. ANd this GHulam I don’t want to talk about him. He won’t ever enter rasul nagar and that’s my final decision. Ghulam says Mahan has some problem from me that us why he didn’t even listen to Gurwaksh. Mahan says don’t dare speaking between me and Gurwaksh or i will cut your tongue. Gurwaksh says what are you doing Mahan. We are Sikh. We don’t do this to guests. Mahan says you called him here as a guests? Gurwaksh says he is the same ghulam I wanted to punish after the war but you let him go. Today he wants to walk on the right path. Mahan says I am listening to my heart He can never change. He is fooling us. Gurwaksh says what fooling? He saved my life. That doesn’t matter to you? My daughter has her father today because of Ghulam. Mahna says you are being emotional. Gurwaksh says enough. You are accusing me along with him.

Mahan says I didn’t mean that. Gurwaksh says I really understand your meaning. I told you this Ghulam saved my life. And I promised him to bring him back to rasul nagar. For me and my promise can’t you do this? This is about respect and dignity of Kanaiya. Mahan says please listen. Gurwaksh says no. I am waiting for your answer. Mahna says brother you don’t understand. The woman were kidnapped by him. He did that explosion. Ghulab says he is lying. Mahna says he is coming back so he can avenge his father’s death. Gurwaksh says if this is truth then give me proofs. Do you have one? If no then you can’t blame someone like this. Mahan says ask Ranjit. Gurwaksh says Ranjit hates Ghulam. He didn’t believe in him even when Ghulam killed his uncle to save my life. Ranjit says I said what was right. GHulab is our enemy. That messanegr was going to tell us truth but Ghulam killed him before that. Gurwaksh says enough. I trust Ghulam.
Don’t remind me of old times. Let me remind you as well.. Ghulam saved my life. He fought with ranjit with just one eye. Just think Ranjit. if Ghulam didn’t close one eye he would have been star of the nation not ranjit. Ranjit says if that is so then I am ready to fight with him with both his eyes open. Mahan says no ranjit. You don’t need to do that. Mahan says Gurwaksh you know ranjit more than me. He never lies. Gurwaksh says then ma I lying? Mahan says no you are my brother. Gurwaksh says then trust me. Give him a piece of land in Rasul Nagar. Mahan says I can give entire rasul nagar to you but I will not let him enter rasul nagar.
Dal says I am the ruler of Rasul naggar and I won’t let this Ghulam enter there. Gurwaskh says we also fought for rasul nager. Mahan says yes you did. We fought for freedom of rasul nagar then why are you doing this today? We fought to protect those people from these evils. I won’t let this ghulam go back there.
He can ask foe wealth in return of his favors but not our lands. Ghulam says to Gurwaksh I didn’t come here to beg. I am leaving. Gurwaksh says stop.
He says to Mahan dont’ be so proud. Ranjit says uncle.. Gurwaksh says I am talking. Don’t intervene. Gurwaksh says I want land for him. Mahan says this can’t happen. Gurwaksh says I promised him. Mahan says nothing is more important than people of rasul nagar. Gurwaksh says I fought that battle too. Mahna says Rasul nagar is my place and its decision will be mine. Gurwaksh says thank you for telling me what is mine and what is yours. Thank you for telling me that we are two separate states and families.

Precap-Gurwaksh says if you and your son serve us all your life then you can never repay for our favors. Its not your worth.
Mahan says I promise I will never enter Kanaiya state ever again. I close this door of friendship.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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